Theresa Larson Masters, Jesse Ventura’s wife

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Theresa Larson Masters

Theresa Larson Masters is the wife of Jesse Ventura. Theresa’s husband, Jesse Ventura is an American politician, actor, television presenter, political commentator, author, and retired professional wrestler.

Ventura, Theresa Larson Masters’ husband, endorsed the Green Party in the 2020 presidential election and expressed interest in running for the party’s nomination in late April 2020. On May 2, he became a member of the Minnesota Green Party. He announced his decision not to run on May 7. Ventura was nominated by the Alaskan Green Party without his involvement, causing the national party to disown it for abandoning its nominee, Howie Hawkins.

Theresa and the husband got married in 1975, the couple has been together since then. They have been married for 46 years. Out of their 46 years of marriage, they have been blessed with two beautiful children. They are  Jade Ventura and Tyrel Ventura.

Tyrel who was born in 1979, is a Television producer and his sister was also born in 1984, much is not known about Jade.

Much is not known about Theresa Masters, she has been living a private life far away from the media. But the husband has been in the news quite alot of times.

Theresa Larson Masters’ husband Ventura served in the United States Navy from December 1, 1969, to September 10, 1975, during the Vietnam War, but did not see combat. He graduated in BUD/S class 58 in December 1970 and was part of Underwater Demolition Team 12.

Ventura has frequently referred to his military career in public statements and debates. He was criticized by hunters and conservationists for saying in a 2001 interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune, “Until you have hunted men, you haven’t hunted yet.”

As a wrestler, Theresa Larson Masters’ husband Ventura performed as a heel and often used the motto “Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat!”, even going so far as having himself a T-shirt made with the words printed on the front. Much of his flamboyant persona was adapted from Superstar Billy Graham, a charismatic and popular performer during the 1970s.

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