Sheena Easton’s husband: Who Did She Marry?

Who is Sheena Easton’s husband?

Grammy award-winning entertainer Sheena Easton has experienced failed marriage four times. She has been very successful in her career but it seems that cannot be said about her love life. She remains a brilliant force in the entertainment industry, with her career spanning decades. She has walked down the aisle four times and all her four marriages have ended in divorce. She is currently an unmarried woman.

Sheena Easton: Bio Summary

Full Name Sheena Shirley Orr
Age63 years old as of 2022
Date of birth 27 April 1959
Parents Annie Orr and Alex Orr
Birthplace Bellshill, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Spouse/exJohn Minoli, Tim Delarm, Rob Light, and Sandi Easton
Children Jake Rion Cousins Easton and Skylar Easton
Occupation Singer and actress

Most celebrities turn to experience short-term marriages. They get married beautifully and the next thing is a piece of divorce news about the couple. It’s quite common among celebrities but it can happen to anyone, not just celebrities. Since we are talking of celebrities, Sheena Easton has been a worldwide sensation in the music industry.

Sheena Easton has also ventured into acting and has proved that she is multi-talented. She has been married and divorced four times. She didn’t have any children with all the men she married but she decided to adopt two children. She is the adoptive mother of Jake Rion Cousins Easton and Skylar Easton.

Sheena Easton’s first marriage

Sheena Easton got married for the first time at a young age. She was 19 years old when she married her first husband. Her first husband is called Sandi Easton. The two got attracted to each other after their first encounter and started a relationship.

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In Scotland, Sheena Easton and Sandi Easton got married in 1979. They got married in a beautiful ceremony attended by their cherished ones. They were together for eight months and then they got separated. Sandi had battled depression and alcoholism and eventually died in 1998, at age 48. However, after their divorce, Sheena decided to keep the surname Easton.

Sheena Easton’s second marriage

For the second time, Sheena Easton got married again. Her second husband is called Rob Light. Rob Light was a talent agent. They got married in 1985 and started the journey of marriage. They were a couple for only 18 months. They ended their marriage in 1986 without having any children.

Sheena Easton’s third marriage

Sheena Easton’s third marriage was to producer Tim Delarm. She fell in love with Tim after they met in the summer of 1997. They met while filming an episode of ESPN Canon Photo Safari in Yellowstone National Park. They started dating and soon got married. Their wedding ceremony happened in Las Vegas in July 1997. Their union lasted one year and they divorced in 1998.

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Sheena filed for divorce in Los Angeles citing “irreconcilable differences”. She won a court ruling ordering Tim Delarm to stay away from her after she claimed that she was being stalked. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ordered Tim to stay at least 500 yards away from Sheena, her kids, and her home.

Sheena Easton’s fourth & final marriage

After her three marriages failed, Sheena Easton didn’t give up. She got married for the fourth time to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon called John Minoli. They got married on 9 November 2002, in a ceremony attended by family and loved ones. They were married until they divorced in 2003. The reason for their divorce is unknown.

Sheena Easton has vowed never to marry again

After four marriages ending in divorce, Sheena Easton doesn’t want to get married again. She once joked about her failed marriages. She said,

“Yes, I’ve been married about 12 times’. ‘The problem is when it comes to men I’m a complete fool, a total idiot. I cannot be trusted when it comes to picking men. Put me in a room with a dozen men and one sociopath and I’ll be all over the sociopath. I’d fall for Jack the Ripper’s charm if I met him.’

Sheena Easton also said, ‘Never’. ‘Why even pretend to think about it? I make bad choices and I own up to that, so I’m just not going to do it again. I can’t honestly stand there and promise to love someone till death us do part ever again, can I?’

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