Shatta Bundle’s Rape Case: Massive Reaction From Ghanaians.

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News circulating had it that, Shatta bundle is likely to go to jail for he is accused of r^ping 16yr old girl.

Everything begun when shatta Bandle posted a bedroom video of himself and a young lady identified as Aisha .

Following the viral video, the young girl’s uncle came out to say that the shatta Bandle actually raped the underage girl and that they’ll make sure he faces the law.

Shatta Bundle also reacted to the accusation saying there was noway he could have raped the little girl because he’s a man of dignity, and he can do no such thing tannish his image.

The young girl spotted in the video came out to say that Shatta Bundle didn’t rape her and that the viral video was just a normal Snap.

This has caused a lot of social media users reacting.
Some reactions on Twitter below:

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