Pastor Caught Sleeping With His Chorister And Intends to Marry Her, Wife Catches Him.

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A Ghanaian pastor has been caught by his ‘investigative’ wife, sleeping with a chorister, promising to marry her.

In an audio on Instagram, the pastor’s wife is heard narrating how the so-called pastor identified as Patrick hoodwinked her to part away with a huge sum of money when they first met.

The pastor, Patrick has been cheating on his wife with the chorister and he is even planning to marry her after all the help his wife had given him when he had no dime.

“This man asked me to use the money I had gathered over the years to build my house to lend him so that he can marry me. He promised to pay me back. And because i loved him, I agreed. He went ahead to not only cheat on me but marry another woman without my knowledge! Is that what a man of God does? He’ll never have peace for what he did for me!”

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