Olga Shaykhlislamova: Who is Irina Shayk’s mother?

Olga Shaykhlislamova

Olga Shaykhlislamova is the mother of supermodel Irina Shayk. Olga Shaykhlislamova took the model world by storm in 2007 when she 2007 was unveiled as the face of the lingerie brand Intimissi. Since then, Shayk has appeared in advertising campaigns and runway shows for many major fashion brands including making the cover of the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Olga Shaykhlislamova: Bio Summary

Full Name Olga Shaykhlislamova
famous asmother of Irina Shayk
Place of BirthRussia
ChildrenIrina Shayk,  
Tatiana Petenkova-Shaykhlislamova
SpouseValery Shaykhlislamov

 Who is the mother of Irina Shayk?

Olga Shaykhlislamova was born in Russia. She belongs to the  Russian ethnicity. She gained most of her popularity from being the mother of the supermodel. Irina is also well-known for her high-profile relationships with famous men, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Bradley Cooper, and Kanye West. The model and actress share one child-  Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper- with actor Bradley Cooper.

Olga Shaykhlislamova was a Music teacher

Irina Shayk’s mother Olga was a kindergarten music teacher. She was married to Valery Shaykhlislamov who was also a coal miner and of  Volga Tatar ethnicity. Though it is unclear when exactly they got married. The couple had two children- Irina and her elder sister Tatiana Petenkova-Shaykhlislamova. The Hercules actress revealed she inherited her looks from her father and that people often mistake her for being South American. Talking about her parents the supermodel said- “My father was dark-skinned because he was Tatar, sometimes Tatars can look Brazilian. I get my light eyes from my mother.

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Olga wanted her daughter to study music

As a music teacher, Olga wanted her daughter to also study music. Irina started playing piano at the young age of six. By the time she was nine, the model was enrolled in a music school and studied there for seven years. While in music school, she played both the piano and sang in the choir.

Olga Shaykhlislamova’s husband Valery died of complications of pneumonia when their model daughter was 14, leaving the family with little money and forcing her mother to work two jobs to provide for the family. The model was left to be raised by her mother and paternal grandmother who was a wartime Spy. Irina’s grandmother died in 2013 at the age of 89.

“Me, my mum and my sister were left. Three women.”- She told Vogue. With not much money coming in, Irina’s mother had to take a second job to make ends meet. Irina recalls how it taught her to survive “early in life because in Russia you have to.”

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She recalled how her mom had to stand in line for two or three hours with her sister Tatiana, who’s 18 months older than her to get a bottle of milk. The supermodel is always emotional when talking about her mother,  Olga Shaykhlislamova- She remembers calling her mother when her daughter was one and a half and said- “I cannot believe you had a second baby raising us in that time.” She told me, “What are you talking about? The second baby was you! You wanted to tell me not to have you?” I really respect who she is, you know, after my father died… [starts crying]- During the Vogue interview.

The mother-daughter duo has been spotted on various occasions taking a stroll through town and at various events. They posed for photo while attending Intimissimi On ice 2017 on October 6, 2017, in Verona, Italy. Irina Shayk was spotted in New York City on a Friday taking comfort in the company of her mother Olga Shaykhlislamova, dailymail reported.

Irina Shayk became furious when her mother Olga slipped and got burned

Per the report by Siberiantimes, the Russian fashion icon was furious after her mother Olga Shaykhlislamova slipped on a wet floor in a steam sauna in the Urals town of Emanzhelinsk. ‘I love my country but I feel so bad about things that happen there every day,’ she said on a social site. ‘My mother told this shocking story. She went to sauna, slipped on a wet floor and fall down on a red hot boiler which was not even fenced!-She wrote 

She got burns of 2nd and 3rd degree, and the worst part is that the owner of this sauna Stepan Ermakov, who is responsible for the safety of the guests of the sauna acted as if nothing happened! Moreover, we found out that this sauna functions illegally!’- She ended the statement by requesting for the place to be shut down.

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