“My grandma taught me to farm at age 10 & at age 27 am a millionaire” – Man tells how he did it

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A 27-year-old youth and ‘agripreneur’, Segun Adegoke, has explained how his grandmother made him a millionaire by introducing him to farming as a 10-year-old boy.

Adegoke, who now owns a thriving agricultural firm called Baay Farms, based in Lagos, made this exclusively known to Legit.ng’s regional reporter, Adewunmi Adeoye.

Segun, who grew up with his grandmother, described her as a farmer and a trader who took him through the rubrics of farming and trading.

Adegoke said he never expected the farming skills being infused into him by his grandmother would help his financial status.

According to him, those agric skills are now putting food on his table like never before and placing him before kings.

He stated:

“I really want to appreciate and laud my grandmother who raised me while I was growing up, infusing the skills of farming into me as a young lad at 10 years old. My grandmother was a resourceful and hardworking farmer and a trader who was superb in teaching the techniques of farming in order to achieve the highest yield.

“Growing up, she was always insisting I go to the farm with her in order to help with some things but I was always seeing it as punishment and unnecessary because of my thought that I should be with my friends playing football and the likes.

“I thought all these skills would be wasted not until I started growing up to becoming a youth that it started putting foods on my table and consequently making me a millionaire even at age 27.”

Talking about job situation, Adegoke encourage his fellow youths to jettison white-collar jobs and research through farm produce, focus on them, invest and expect the unbelievable financial breakthrough in their lives even as everything seems tight due to the economic recession.

Segun explained that food will forever be consumed regardless of the state of the economy which is the beauty of agriculture.

I would therefore like to enjoin my fellow Nigerian youths that we should stop putting all our hopes in one basket by always wanting to wear a shirt and a tie but vigorously and purposefully look at Farming as it is long term turning point in a man’s life.

“This is because human beings cannot stop eating else we want to die. Even if the country enters recession, agriculture will still be in full force.”

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