“Money Does Not Make A Woman Happy, Money Only Excite A Woman”..– Blessing Okoro

Nigerian relationship coach, Blessing Okoro has taken to social media to reveal why a lot of men feel insecure and the impact money makes on women.

Blessing Okoro has disclosed that several men are insecure because all they can offer a lady is money.

She said that because money is all some men can offer a lady, they get scared that another man might give their women more money.

According to the controversial relationship expert money does not make a woman happy, money only excite a woman.

On her popular social media platform, Instagram,she wrote,
“A lot of men are so insecure because all they can give a woman is money, so they get so scared that another man might give their women more money, but guess what? You women are the ones giving men your money. Money does not make a woman happy, money only excite a woman, what makes them happy are the little things money can’t buy. Some women are just hungry.”

Reactions to the post,

chinenyetwins – Money makes me happy and sweet the only man i give money is my blood brothers especially my twin brother 🙄🤭🤭

buchi_onyeagba – “You women are the ones giving men your money “… what does that even mean or relates to the truthful point you were making. It’s confusing sha!!!

ujukalu06 – When you start making money as a woman,it losses value in your eyes,if a mans money makes you happy then you are yet to make your own money.

learningtoinspire – Money cannot excite a woman who makes her own. Give me everything money cannot buy ❤️

chimakc – Madam u lie..i no no wherr u go ur own school..today,money is d only thing that makes women happy.

happiokos.1 – Some women needs a helper and not relationship 🤦‍♂️

tinugrills – Little things, that’s it for me ❤️

diorunov – I doubt you are referring to our Nigerian sisters 😁😁

raitcare – Honestly, it is pure truth. If money makes a woman happy then, she should make enough of it

jumanjistores – All these men don’t even have the little things that money can’t buy, or they know it but won’t do it,so jus collect the money and be okay. Money is what makes me happy sha, keep your little things that money can’t buy. I no need am 🤷‍♀️

Ruth Kai Botchway

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