Man Thrown Out By His White Lover For Not Cooking

A Nigerian man living abroad with a lady for the past 5 months does his possible best to satisfy the lady.

The Nigerian man has been abandon in the cold streets simply because he was thrown out by his white lover.

The Nigerian man was left without a choice but to sleep outside.

According to him, because he doesn’t have the right papers as a permanent citizen,he has been enduring the pain the lady takes him through.

He endures the pain so that the White lady in question can help him get the papers for that matter,the young man said he has been the one who takes care of cooking among other things.

He noted that he got back from work very tired so he wasn’t able to cook then his White lover came back and asked if he had prepared something.
He told her he was tired so he’ll cook later.
And for that reason his white lover got pissed and threw him out on that very day .

The man had nowhere to go so he slept in the cold streets.

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