Laura Miles: Where is Carmen Dell’Orefice’s daughter now?

Laura Miles

Laura Miles is the daughter of Carmen Dell’Orefice. Laura Miles’ mother is an American supermodel and actress. She has gained a reputation in the fashion industry for being the world’s oldest working model as of the Spring/Summer 2012 season. She started her modeling career at a very young and made it to the cover of Vogue at the age of 15. Aside from being an incredible model, Dell’Orefice is also a mother. Who is Carmen Dell’Orefice’s daughter?

Laura Miles: Bio Summary

Full NameLaura Miles
famous asDaughter of Carmen Dell’Orefice
Age 70 years old as of 2023
Date of Birth1953
Place of Birth United States of America
Siblings N/A
Parents  Carmen Dell’Orefice, Bill Miles

How old is Carmen Dell’Orefice’ daughter Laura?

Laura Miles was born in 1953 in the United States of America. As of 2023, she is 70 years old. Laura is the daughter of model  Carmen Dell’Orefice and her ex-husband Bill Miles. Laura was the only child of the couple and also the only child of her mother. Though her mother had been married twice after she divorced her father, she didn’t have any children again.

Talking to Dailymail, Carmen said- “I married to have a relationship and I was blessed with one child. I was an only child, too – my mother was smarter than most women today; she just had me. I nurtured my own daughter’s ambitions the best way I knew how. Laura always knew that she was a wanted child; she got all of me and she still has me.

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Carmen Dell’Orefice who was also the only child of an Italian immigrant father and a Hungarian mother, modeled initially only to help support both her impoverished parents, who lived apart but never divorced. Fourteen year-old Carmen Dell’Orefice was on her way back to ballet class to see whether her body would obey after struggling through rheumatic fever. She was 5’5” and extremely thin. The wife of fashion photographer, Herman Landshoff approached her on a bus with “…Go home and ask your mother to bring you to my husband’s studio.” And that was just the beginning of the modeling icon.

Laura Miles’ parents  Carmen Dell’Orefice and Bill Miles got married when Carmen was 21 after five years of dating and three illegal abortions Daily mail reported. Bill was unfaithful and also exploited his wife financially, by picking up his wife’s modeling agency checks, allowing her only a $50 allowance from her earnings. Carmen had enough and called their marriage a quit.

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Laura Miles is a psychologist

While most children follow in the footsteps of their parents when it comes to a career path, Carmen Dell’Orefice’s daughter is one of the few who don’t. Though her mother is a supermodel whose works have gained her a lot of reputation in the industry, Laura Miles chose to be a psychologist. According to Tampa Bay Times reports, she is a psychologist who lives in California.

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Carmen Dell’Orefice’s daughter, Laura gave a model a try but decided it wasn’t what she want to do for the rest of her life. “She was on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar at 16 but decided that modeling was not the life she wanted, so she is very happy doing what she is doing,” Carmen told the outlet about her daughter.

What is important is Laura is happy doing what she loves and making enough to take care of her needs. In the 1980s and 1990s, Laura Miles’ mother lost most of her money in the stock market. She was forced to auction off her famous modeling photographs from the 1940s to the 1980s through Sotheby’s.

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