Kelly Rector: Who Is The Ex-wife Of Calvin Klein?

Kelly Rector

Kelly Rector is the former wife of Calvin Klein. Kelly’s ex-husband Calvin Richard Klein is a prominent American fashion designer. He is the co-founder of Calvin Klein Inc, alongside businessman Barry K. Schwartz, his childhood best friend. In addition to clothing, Calvin Klein also has given his name to a range of perfumes, watches, and jewelry.

Kelly Rector: Bio Summary

Name Kelly Rector
Date of birth N/A
Gender Female
Famous as ex-wife of Calvin Klein
Nationality American
Marital status Divorced
Spouse Calvin Richard Klein
Parents Tully Rector and Gloria Kelly
Occupation Photographer

Kelly Rector’s date of birth is unknown so it is difficult to tell her age. She is reportedly the daughter of an artist and former film director Tully Rector, and a Vogue cover model in the 1950s known professionally as Gloria Kelly. She may have siblings but there is no information about them at the moment.

Even at a young age, Kelly Rector “was one of those people able to put clothes together to look terrific,” according to her father. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and after her graduation, she is said to have worked for Ralph Lauren for several years.

Kelly Rector was a one-time assistant of her now ex-husband Calvin Klein. She joined Calvin Klein’s design team and there, she assisted in developing the line of Calvin Klein underwear. She has also established herself as a well-known socialite photographer.

Kelly Rector has pursued a career as a photographer and has reportedly produced several coffee-table books on design, including a popular one about vintage and contemporary swimming pools titled ‘Pools.’ She is a designer, photographer, interior, author, ceramicist, and mother, per her Instagram account.

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Kelly Rector And Calvin Klein’s Marriage

Kelly Rector was married to Calvin Klein. She used to be Calvin’s assistant. They began a romantic relationship which led to their marriage. They got married in September 1986, in Rome while they were on a buying trip in Italy. They didn’t have any children together.

Kelly Rector and Calvin Klein got separated in 1996. They divorced in April 2006 after two decades (20 years) of marriage. Kelly is not the first woman Calvin got married to. He was previously married to his first wife, a textile designer called Jayne Centre.

Calvin Richard Klein and Jayne Centre Klein got married in 1964. Their union was blessed with a daughter, Marci Klein (born October 21, 1967). Marci is an American television producer best known for her work on Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock. She is a recipient of four Emmy Awards.

Marci Klein was kidnapped by her babysitter when she was at the age of 10 years. A ransom was requested and her father paid. The police were able to track back the kidnappers. The babysitter alleged that it was her father Calvin who had set up this abduction.

The babysitter claimed that Calvin Klein’s purpose for kidnapping his own daughter was for nationwide publicity. However, the babysitter later retracted her statement. Meanwhile, Calvin Klein and Jayne Centre’s marriage didn’t work out. They divorced in 1974.

Their marriage lasted for a decade. Calvin Klein has also dated gay, ex-porn star, Nicholas Gruber. According to Page Six, ‘Kelly is employing a surrogate mother in California to give birth to a baby boy using one of her eggs and the sperm of a friend.’

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Kelly Rector is the mother of Lukas Alexander Rector. Page Six stated that: ‘Although Kelly decided to give the child her maiden name, her ex, fashion icon Calvin Klein, is sure to be involved in the boy’s life. “They are still the best of friends, so of course he will know Lukas,” we’re told.’

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