“I Know I’m A Notorious Thief, I won’t do it again If I leave this prison”- iron rods and sliding doors Specialized Thief Begs

A young man who has specialized in the stealing of iron rods and sliding doors is currently begging for forgiveness and wants to leave the walls of prisons as the conditions over there are too harsh for him. Talking to Crime check Tv, the young man promises not to engage in weed smoking, crime, or any related activity that might bring him back to prison again.

The young man, who is known as Yaw Nsowah has become addicted to stealing to the extent that he cannot survive without an operation. It is unknown where he learned how to steal iron rods and sliding doors but his skills are very unique. Before you wake up in the morning, Yaw Nsowa would have stolen your iron rods and doors long ago. But there is a saying that everything that has a beginning has an end.

It was one such operation that went wrong and got him arrested. He did not disclose if he undertook the operation alone but his time was up and could not escape. He was handed over to the Police who processed him for court. Yaw Nsowa was charged with conspiracy, unlawful entry, stealing, and causing damage. He was subsequently fined an amount of GHC 600. He could not afford the amount and was made to serve a jail term to serve as a punishment at the Kumasi Central Prisons.

Apart from being a notorious thief, Yaw Nsowah is also a drug addict who moves with a gang and indulges in all forms of activities. He has realized that smoking marijuana is a bad habit and has promised to desist from it. He confesses that his smoking lifestyle is a result of peer pressure and will make sure he cut ties with all the gangsters when he finally leaves the prisons.

He is currently suffering in jail and vowed to repent and stop following friends when he finally regains his freedom. He has also pledged never to steal again but the problem is that Yaw Nsowa has no employable skills.

The sad nature of the prisons has thought him deep lessons and is eager to leave the premises. According to him, the prison is full of sicknesses and sometimes he gets hot all over his body and had to resort to the officers before getting access to medicine. He has been rescued by the Crime Check Foundation who has paid his GHC 600 fine and is set to go back home.

I believe such persons must be made to serve stiffer punishments because their presence in the communities will continue to serve as a threat to others. Once they don’t get money in their pockets, the only thought that flashes their minds is to steal. They are the same people who become armed robbers and kill.

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