I ‘enjoy’ killing people for a living – Ghanaian-US Special Forces Officer

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Ghanaian-United States Special Forces member known as Killer Kay,based on the principle that the “job must always be done” , has disclosed he enjoy his job which at times includes killing.

During an interview with Kofi Adomah Nwanwani, Nana Kojo known ‘Killer Kay’, verified that human beings are capable of doing what he does as a military officer even though people seem not to be aware of their capabilities are.

“I kill people for a living, I enjoy killing people for a living. I enjoy doing my job for a living, let me phrase it that way,” he revealed.

Being in the US Army and rising to the rank of a Major, Killer Kay shared his own brushes with death in the line of duty.
He added that he is not afraid of death but he gets concerned about his loved ones and his fellow officers anytime he comes close to death.

On his view of religion and faith in God, Killer Kay said, despite believing in God, he does not believe in Jesus (God the Son) but rather believes that God is in two forms; God the Father and God the Mother, and depending on what he is seeking he prays to either of the two.

He further stated that he does not believe in “juju” and therefore challenged anyone with such powers to attempt catching his bullet.

“These guys are doing it without a round. So you guys stand there and you hear poow and you shout, and I am amazed. Catch my bullet. Let me shoot you please, catch my bullet.”

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