Groom Receive Trolls For Allowing His Pregnant Bride Kneel To Feed Him At Their Wedding

In a video that has caused stir online, a groom has allowed his pregnant bride to kneel in front of him to feed him.

The groom was sitting down comfortably while his pregnant bride was kneeling in front of him.

He was sitting in what seemed like a sofa as he received the food given to him by his pregnant bride.

This video after hitting the Internet has generated a lot of reactions.Some social media folks have trolled the groom for his act.

Watch video below;

Some reactions to the video;

generalbeejayy wrote; When would Nigerians learn mind their business 2 minutes video una don see future already 🤨

enuebuka wrote; Buh the lady allowed him kneeled to propose to her…. I don’t understand, person wey geh belle no dey kneel down?????

xpensivegram wrote; African mentality self , I wonder what makes we men special then women , why would a woman knee down in the first place ?? I am not saying a woman should be disrespectful but this generation needs to grow because if a man can make a woman happy I swear a woman would make you happier 🙌🙌

lovelyblessing2021 wrote; Nigeria misogynists will say it’s submission and worship of the head of the family…..Stewpeed mentalities

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