Ghanaian Man Arrested In Kenya For Scamming Women By Promising Them Marriage

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The Kenyan authorities have gotten hold of a Ghanaian man who is alleged to have fraudulently obtained $83,000 (£58,490) from a woman in a romance scam.

According to the police’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), a female manager at Tala, a digital lender that issues small loans to Kenyans, met the Ghanaian man called Victor Anane through an online dating site.

“The suspect… masquerades as a preacher, approaches innocent women looking for love and affection online, with promises of making their lives better before fraudulently obtaining money from them.”

The woman became suspicious of Mr Anane as she visited his house in the capital, Nairobi, the police said.

“She was shocked to find paraphernalia associated with witchcraft and magical rituals. What was meant to be a romantic date turned ugly,” the DCI said, posting on Twitter bizarre photos of items allegedly linked to witchcraft recovered from Mr Anane’s house during a raid.

The authorities recovered fake currency and materials used to print fake money.

Security officials say some of the money given to the man was allegedly taken from Tala’s accounts.

The suspect, who has not commented on the allegations, is set to appear in court on charges of obtaining money by false pretences.

A Ghanaian national believed to have obtained Sh9 Million from a senior manager at a money lending agency, was yesterday arrested by detectives. The senior manager at Tala agencies, a popular mobile money lending firm, that advances instant short term loans

— DCI KENYA (@DCI_Kenya) June 1, 2021

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