Ghanaian Gospel Musicians Are Hypocrites, That’s Why I Roll With Shatta Wale And Sarkodie – Empress Gifty

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Ghanaian Gospel singer, Empress Gifty has said that she prefers to move with secular musicians more than the Gospel musicians .

Empress Gifty said she is very close to secular artists than her own colleagues.

During an interview on Xzone on TV XYZ,Empress Gifty said that she is close to the secular singers because she thinks she is too real and she doesn’t fake.

She revealed that most gospel musicians are hypocrites in their actions and behaviors appal her.

She announced that she moves with secular artists like Sarkodie, Shatta Wale and others .

She said;

I’m being honest, I’m very close to secular artists than my colleagues. Yes. Shatta, Sarkodie, like I’m cool with them. We are close because I think I’m too real and I don’t fake. I won’t meet them and start praying in tongues I’m not the one to tell them they don’t leave in good structures no.”

“This world we live in, no one is holy. We don’t have any righteous person so stop defining yourself as Spirit-filled, Holy Ghost, forget about that thing, we dealing with the heart. The person I might be judging may have a clean heart than me so I love them regardless.”

“Why is it that the gospel industry we are not making it more than them but we play more live bands than them but they receive more money than us because we are hypocrites

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