Gay Couples Ordered by Court to Get Pregnant Or Rot In Jail

LGBT(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender ) is still a very serious crime and punishable by the Law in most parts of Africa. This is because it is considered to be not part of the culture and a serious sin to God or the gods. And does not conform with the natural order of romance

Some may ask, if your parents were (LGBT) would they have given birth to you?.

A gay couple in Uganda have found themselves likely to face prison time if they fail to produce pregnancy which should lead to birth of a baby. The Ugandan constitution does not recognize LGBT and is punishable if one if found indulging in such act.

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Ugandan Court ask gay couple to get pregnant or go to jail

According to reports, the persecutor of the case was quoted to have promised to let the couples go if they should get pregnant.

We would like to shut them [couples] up in room and see if they can get pregnant, if they don’t, then its jail because they have claimed they can have children.

As it stands the couples are just expecting a miracle, if some supernatural being doesn’t intervene on their behalf they will have to spend their days in prison.

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