Fiona Loudon, Daniel Craig’s ex-wife

Fiona Loudon

Fiona Loudon is the ex-wife of Daniel Craig. Loudon’s ex-husband, Craig is an English actor. He gained international fame playing James Bond in the eponymous film series, beginning with Casino Royale, and in four further installments, up until No Time to Die. Fiona Loudon and James Bond actor has daughter togther.

Fiona Loudon: Profile Summary

Name Fiona Loudon
Famous as ex-wife of Daniel Craig
Date of Birth May 5, 1968
Birthplace Scotland
Age (as in 2021) 53 Years old
Zodiac SignTaurus
Children Ella Craig

Fiona Loudon was born on May 5, 1968 in Scotland. As of 2021, she is 53 years old. Fiona is of Scottish Nationality and Taurus Birth sign. She studied acting and began performing on stage.

Who is Daniel Crag’s Ex-wife, Fiona Loudon? Fiona Loudon is a Scottish actress who lives in London and is most known for being Daniel Craig’s first wife. Unfortunately Fiona Loudon doesn’t have a Wikipidia page.

Beginning with the 2006 blockbuster film ‘Casino Royale,’ Daniel is most known for his depiction of fictitious British Secret Service agent James Bond. Loudon is better recognized for her stage work in London than for her movie work; nonetheless, nothing is known about her present professional situation.

She was only married to Daniel Craig for a few years and had a daughter named Ella Craig with him. Ella is an Instagram celebrity and actress who has appeared in the short films ‘Maneater’ (2017) and ‘Trauma is a Time Machine’ (2018). While Fiona Loudon’s brief marriage to Daniel Craig had drawn a lot of attention, Loudon has always led a private life.

When her high-profile relationship with popular actor Daniel Craig was revealed to the public in 1991, Fiona Loudon became a media sensation. Despite the fact that they were always in the spotlight, they carefully avoided disclosing details about their affair, just as she did with her family, education, and upbringing.

Despite this, Fiona Loudon remained a big issue in the tabloids for the next few years, as the couple married, had a daughter, and then divorced within two and a half years of their marriage. Craig went on to become the legendary secret agent James Bond, but she remained out of the spotlight for the rest of her life.

However, because her ex-husband Craig has previously had sexual relationships with several women and eventually married actress Rachel Weisz, speculation about his first marriage to Loudon has lingered in the media for decades. Ella Craig, her daughter with the actor, recently debuted as an actor in the entertainment sector, bringing her back into the spotlight.

Ella, who is very close to her father and can often be spotted with him in the public, reportedly has a close relationship with her step-mother as well.

Fiona Loudon and Daniel Craig’s daughter, Ella Craig, has followed her parents’ career path. She began acting in stage productions for Shakespeare and Company. In 2017, she acted in the short film ‘Maneater’, which tells the story of a young woman navigating the modern dating world. The following year, she appeared in the movie ‘Trauma is a Time Machine’. She has also amassed many followers on Instagram for sharing candid pictures of her including behind the scene snaps and family photos.Presently, Fiona Loudon resides in London with her daughter.

How did the former love birds meet and started their relationship? The couple have not released any information related to the circumstances under which they met, fall in love and got married.

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Despite the fact that Fiona Loudon and Daniel Craig never acknowledged how they met or how long they had been dating, their affair was first revealed in 1991. The couple, who were born two months apart and in their early twenties at the time, married in 1992 and welcomed their only child, Ella Craig, a few months later. Their romance, however, ended two years later, in 1994. Fiona Loudon chose not to marry again and raised her daughter in London as a single mother. Craig later said in an interview that he was quite young at the time of the divorce and had handled the marriage immaturely.

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Fiona Loudon’s ex-husband, Craig had a seven-year relationship with German actress Heike Makatsch, which ended in 2004 a few years after their divorce. He began dating film producer Satsuki Mitchell the following year. The couple even got engaged, however the engagement was called off in 2010. In December 2010, he started dating his old friend, actress Rachel Weisz, with whom he co-starred in the 2011 film “Dream House.” On June 22, 2011, they married in a private ceremony in front of four guests, including Ella, his daughter with Loudon, and Henry Chance Aronofsky, Weisz’s son with Darren Aronofsky, a filmmaker and screenwriter.

In January 2018, Craig purchased a house in Brooklyn, New York, for an amount in excess of $6 million. He is an avid fan of Liverpool F.C., and is also a fan of rugby, having travelled to Australia in 2013 to watch the British and Irish Lions tour.

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In 2019, Fiona Loudon’s ex-husband announced he had American citizenship.

Fiona Loudon’s ex-husband Daniel Craig has a net Net Worth of $160 Million according to publications. Fiona Loudon’s net worth is not really clear but some publications has reported her net worth to be around 10Million.

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