Dont Use Sxx As A Reward To Reciprocate Good Wills – Oge Nsimah

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Twitter influencer Oge Nsimah has sent a piece of advise to ladies out there.

According to her women should not use s3x to reciprocate a kind gesture extended to them by men.

Oge advised that ladies should not sleep with a man because he is spending money on them.She added that s3x is not a reward from a lady to a man.

She noted that people can date without s3x and it will help them make informed decisions.

She mentioned that dont let anyone pressure you.
In a recent post on Facebook she wrote,

Don’t feel obligated to have sxx with a man because he is spending money on you, ..Dont use sxx as a reward to reciprocate good wills.
Sxx is not a reward!!
And if a man ghost you because of this,
He is never connected to you in any way
All he wanted is to spend money on you and have a taste of your beautiful body.
You can date without having sxx, its will help you make informed decisions..Dont let anyone pressure you.


Oge Nsimah

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