Dolphia Parker, Dan Blocker’s wife

Dolphia Parker

Dolphia Parker is the wife of Dan Blocker. Dolphia Parker’s husband Blocker was an American television actor and Korean War veteran, who played Hoss Cartwright in the long-running NBC Western television series Bonanza.

How did Dolphia Parker and her husband meet? Dolphia Parker met her husband, Blocker while a student at Sul Ross State University, Alpine Texas. They tied the knot on 25 August 1952. The couple remained married until May 1972 when Dan Blocker passed away. Dolphia Parker and her husband had 4 children. Their children are Hollywood actor Dirk Blocker, Hollywood producer David Blocker, and twin daughters Debra Lee (artist) and Danna Lynn. David Blocker won a 1998 Emmy for producing Don King: Only in America. Blocker and his family were Free Methodists.

Dan Blocker’s wife, Dolphia Parker was only 20 years old when she became Blocker’s wife and their marriage lasted for about two decades. So, she was roughly 40 years old when she became a widow and could have remarried if she wanted to. It is widely believed that she has remained single since she lost her husband to pulmonary embolism. Dolphia loved being out of the limelight, this has made it impossible to get much information related to her age, date, and place of birth and also information related to her siblings and parents.

Since the Bonanza actor passed, much hasn’t been heard about his wife in the public domain. When Dan was alive, Dolphia Parker was relentless about keeping her private life private. This only intensified after the untimely death of the actor. Hardly can anyone tell what she has been up to since then nor is it known if she is still alive or not.

Dolphia Parker’s husband, Blocker’s big break came in 1959, when he was cast as Eric “Hoss” Cartwright on the NBC television series Bonanza and played the role in 415 episodes until his death. Blocker said he portrayed the gentle-natured Hoss character with a Stephen Grellet excerpt in mind: “We shall pass this way on Earth but once, if there is any kindness we can show, or good act we can do, let us do it now, for we will never pass this way again.”

On May 13, 1972, Dolphia Parker’s husband, Blocker died in Los Angeles, at age 43, of a pulmonary embolism following gallbladder surgery at Daniel Freeman Hospital. A news item provides these specifics: “Blocker went into the hospital for gall bladder surgery, developed a blood clot in his lung, and died”.

The writers of Bonanza took the unusual step of referencing a major character’s death in the show’s storyline that autumn. A 2011 report added that “this was to be the first time in television history that a show had dealt with, or even mentioned, the death of one of its characters”. Specifics as to the death were not discussed in the series, but some years later, in a subsequent series, Bonanza: The Next Generation one character stated that “Hoss drowned trying to save another man’s life”.

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Blocker’s remains were interred in a family plot in Woodmen Cemetery, in De Kalb, Texas. The common gravesite is marked by a plain stone with the name “B. Dan D. Blocker” engraved; three family members are buried beside him – his father, mother, and sister.

The Blocker name remains a popular one in Hollywood thanks to Dolphia Parker’s two sons with Dan who has built a career in showbiz. There is no doubt that their decision to follow their late father’s footprint has helped in keeping Dan Blocker’s legacy alive.

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