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DDG Net Worth 2021: DDG is an American Rapper and Youtuber. He is also well known on other online stream platforms like Soundcloud and others. In this 21 century, you do not necessarily have to grow gray hair to be smart, nor do you have to sit in an office from 9-5 to earn a good living to take care of the bills, and live a comfortable lifestyle. Once you have the internet and know how to make good use of social media, you can make it to the limelight.

DDG Net Worth

Such is the case of the American rapper and YouTuber DDG. DDG’s journey to stardom started on YouTube back in 2014. The DDG net worth, which is in the millions of dollars, is proof of the internet’s revenue generation prowess. So, how much does DDG make? How much is Pontiac made ddg net worth?.

Who is DDG? what does DDG means? DDG means Darryl Dwayne Granberry. He is better known as DDG or PontiacMadeDDG is a popular American rapper and YouTube star. DDG is best known for his songs like “Givenchy”, “Dope” and “G.O.A.T.”. He is also a co-founder of a record label named Zooted Ent.

DDG Profile Summary

  • Real Name: Darryl Dwayne Granberry
  • Famous As: Rapper and Youtuber.
  • Date of Birth: 10th of October, 1997
  • Age of DDG: 24 as of 2021
  • Birthplace: Pontiac, Michigan, United States od America
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Status: Dating
  • Girlfriend: Kennedy Cymone
  • Eductation: Dropout- Central Michigan University
  • Profession : Rapper and Youtuber.
  • Parents- Darryl Granberry Snr and Tonya Yvette.
  • Siblings: 5
  • Weight: 57 Kg
  • Height: 5 feet and 8 inches

Early Life and Background

Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr. professionally known as  DDG or PontiacmadeDGG, earned most of his fame and money through the popular video sharing site YouTube.com and later switched to other popular online streaming platforms such as SoundCloud and others. DDG was born on the 10th of October, 1997 in Pontiac, Michigan, United States to Tonya Yvette and Darryl Granberry . He grew up in Michigan along with four siblings. His father, Darryl Snr used to work in the music studio as a sound engineer. DDG’s elder brother was killed in 2014. How did DDG become rich and famous?

The 23 years old who will be 24 in October has a rather slim physique. Even though he weighs 57 kilograms, his height is 5 feet and 8 inches. Before the takeoff of his career as a YouTuber and rapper, DDG had som much interest in school and his education. He was the class valedictorian in International Tech Academy that he attended before furthering to Central Michigan University.

However, he had to let go of schooling as he dropps out of the University,he had started making some good sum of money from his YouTube hustle. According to him, he was earning more money than his professors at the university. DDG was making $30,000  per month through his YouTube monetized Videos. So, he decided to give more attention to his YouTube career an create more contents for the video sharing platform. 

DDG’s Career as Youtuber: How much he is earning on Youtube

So far so good, the choice he made seems to be paying off as he has managed to carve a name for himself on the internet and also filled his pocket. By 2015, Darryl has already made himself a successful YouTuber and rapper. He has gotten millions of subscribers and also millions of views on his content he posted on the popular stream platform.

He has multiple YouTube channels. He started a gaming channel “‘GamingWithDDG” on Youtube in 2014. GamingWithDDG 1.59 million subscribers as of 2021. Darryl created another YouTube channel in that same year, ‘ PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS.’  This channel has more than 2.47M subscriber.

After the success of the first two channels,  DDG created another youtube Channel, “DDG Family’. On this channel He shares family and friends related content. The channel has amassed over 3.95 million subscribers and its the biggest channel among the DDG channels in terms of subscriber numbers.

Some of the most popular contents on this channel includes Cheating on my Girlfriend Prank, White People vs. Black People, and Reacting to My 7-Year-Old Niece Cringey.

Entering the world of music, DDG created another channel, its his latest YouTube, and its named ‘DDG Music’ in 2017 and the channel has already amassed more than 1.64 million subscribers. On all of his four Youtube channels Darryl have more than  9.5 million subscribers.Amazing right?. One of the reasons for his rise to fame is his consistent work.

Career As a Rapper and Songs:

After the Youtube success, he decided to take it to the next level by showcase his talent as a singer and rapper. DDG posted his first beat titled Dope on Soundcloud.

He was earlier more inclined towards music. He made a few songs when he was very young. He recorded a diss track on rapper Lil Yachty, titled Big Boat in his early days. In 2016, the rapper and Youtuber came up with two singles named “Balenciagas” and “Free Parties”. Thats not all, Darrly also did a collaboration with rapper, Famous Dex for his song named “Lettuce”.

DDG dropped his song titled “Givenchy” on November 23, 2017. The official video of the song was released by WorldstarHipHop on their YouTube channel on November 24, 2017. The song which become popular on the platform has gained over 26 million YouTube views. The rapper also dropped his first EP titled “Take Me Serious” on March 17, 2018.

DDG signed a record deal with Epic Records in June 2018. Soon after the contract, he dropped a new song titled “Arguments”. This song become a massive hit and was even certified Gold by RIAA on April 15, 2020. His second EP titled “Sorry 4 the Hold Up”, dropped on March 22, 2019. The official video of the song featuring singer, Queen Naija was released on June 18, 2019. The music video so far has received over 18 million views on YouTube.

He dropped his first studio album “Valedictorian” on November 1, 2019. One of his popular songs, Moonwalking in Calabasas was released on July 24, 2020. The has two remix version, featuring rappers, Blueface and YG.

One of DDG albums collaboration titled Die for Respect with OG Parker, a renowned producer for the popular music group, Migos, placed his name on the 2021 Hiphopdx Rising Stars.

Pontiac Made DDG net worth 2021: Monthly and annual income?

DDG’s sources of incomes are his multiple YouTube channels, music, and other businesses he runs. The smart young man has invested in many small businesses. Sources has it that he also invests some amount of his income in Bitcoin to increase his wealth.How much does he earn? DDG earns more than $50,000 per month.

DDG made over $7 million in YouTube earnings just at the age of 20.”. His youtube channel “DDG family” generates more than $ 2.3 million per year. Before the ‘YouTube Adpocalypse, (ie site-wide term coined in early 2017 to describe mass advertiser boycotts and withdrawals on YouTube)’ DDG earned about $ 50,000 a day from his YouTube ads.

Darryl is also an Instagram personality with 4 million followers and earns through social media brand endorsements. These social media platforms are a great source of income support for his net worth.

DDG also has 5.5 million monthly listeners on his Spotify account.

DDG net worth for the past six years (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)

2020 Net Worth$4.5 Million
2019 Net Worth$3.7 Million
2018 Net Worth$2.4 Million
2017 Net Worth$1.8 Million
2016 Net Worth$1.2 Million

How much is DDG Net worth 2021?

Based on sources, DDG net worth 2021 is estimated at $5 Million. So, how much does He make a year? He has a new house valued at $2 Million, he renovated the house with about $420,000 after buying it.

Talking of Businesses, Darryl co-founded a record label known as Zooted Ent in 2020. He main aims for this studio is to promote upcoming talents with this new business.

DDG new house and cars:

He owns a $ 2 million luxury house as I said earlier, He renovated and enhanced his estate with an amount of $420,000 from its original values. He owns expensive cars like BMW i8 and a Mercedes G-Wagon. Apart from the mansion and luxrious cars, DDG has a variety of expensive items in his net worth. His BMW i8  worth $140,000. 

Who is DDG’s girlfriend?

He was in a relationship with  Kennedy Cymone; She is also a well-known YouTuber with more than 1.8 million subscribers. She also has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, she is a model and works with different fashion brands. Kennedy and DDG became engaged in April of 2018, but later split in July 2018. Right now PontiacMadeDDG is focusing on his career and life.

What happened to DDG’s brother?

He grew up with five siblings, 4 Brothers and a younger sister. His kid sister is also on youtube and Instagram. He sister has also been featured in some of his videos. His elder brother was murdered in 2014 at a young age of 21 in a street violence. That was a painful moment in the life of DDG.

Social media engagements: Instagram, Facebook Twitter.

Darryl gained his popularity through social media and his influence across the various platforms are unquestionable. On DDG Instagram page, he has over four million followers, with whom he shares news on his music and daily lifestyle. On his Facebook account DDG is not far behind, with over one million people people following him.

His Youtube Channels

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