Ceccy Twum Reveals She Has Never Been Under Any Record Label Before

Gospel musician, Ceccy Twum disclosed that she has never been under any record label since she started his music career.

In an interview with Andy Dosty, the musician stated that she thinks the reason she hasn’t been under any record label is because her personal intimidates these labels.

In her submission, she said;

“I have been doing music for 15 years. I am not signed onto any record label. I am doing my own thing.

Awards is not the main thing. Winning awards is part of my intentions but that is not the focus. I have been nominated for certain awards but I did not file for nominations —before I realized, I was nominated

I have never ever been under a record label. I think my personality appear to be intimidating to a lot of record labels so I do not get any offers from them.

We need more gospel musicians in Ghana. I am friends with almost all the gospel musicians. The female artistes are my sisters. You might not see me roll with them but we are cool.”

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