All you need to know about Hero Wars 2022, Play it online here

Nexters Global’s Hero Wars is an RPG fantasy adventure game that can be played on both desktop and mobile devices.
Hero Wars is the ultimate online fantasy roleplaying game where players may battle opponents, compete in huge PvP arena battles, and capture Dominion’s best heroes. Players can also increase the level of their heroes, learn new skills, train their armies, and join guilds.
Players can join guilds, meet friends, explore dungeons, take part in various events, and collect pets throughout the game.

How to play Heros of War online

Hero Wars is a Facebook game that you may play online (the game will get access to your name and profile image, e-mail address, and a list of friends). The game is also accessible on the Nexter studio’s website –
Also On the game’s official YouTube channel, you can see news and videos from battles and tournaments.
Each year, Hero Wars has eight different sorts of events that allow participants to fulfill additional objectives in exchange for special rewards.
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Events in Heros of War Game

Throughout the year, the game hosts a variety of events. There are eight different types of events: common, daily, hero, pet, resources, seasonal, titan, and unique.

Common events

Common events occur frequently. The Emerald Waterfalls event occurs once a week, whereas Hero of Outland, Top of the Tower, Into the Depths, Energetic Warrior, and Lord of the Arena each last three days. These events occur one after the other. As a result, Hero of the Outland will begin right after Lord of the Arena.
The Emerald times four sale goes place once a month. Players gain four times the Emeralds during this event. Once a month, these sales are held.

Daily events

Every day, there are daily events. A daily bonus, a skin sale, and daily boxes are part of this promotion.
Hero events
This usually occurs when a new hero is released or when an existing hero is modified. It also happens when new skins are released in the game. Players can obtain hero soul stones of the promoted heroes, as well as other resources, during the hero event.

Pet events

Pet and adventure-related resources, such as chaos particles, pet potions, and pet soul stones, are available during the pet event. Throughout the event, players can also obtain pet summoning eggs and portal charges.

Resource events

During this event, players can obtain a variety of resources. Outload coins, skin stones, tower coins, arena coins, and artifact materials are among the resources available.

Seasonal events

Every year, at a specified time, these events take place. For instance, a Spring event, a birthday event, or a winter event.

Titan events

During these events, players can obtain titan-related resources. Potions, soul stones, chests, spheres, skin stones, tournament money, and tournament certificates are among the goods that can be obtained.

Unique events

These events only happen once and are usually triggered by a predetermined event, such as attaining a certain team level or finishing a specific task.

Event schedule

For September, October, and November 2021, no hero, pet, resource, seasonal, titan, or unique events were scheduled. However, players had the Emerald Waterfalls, Energetic Warrior, and Lord of the Arena throughout these months. Hero of Outland, Top of the Tower, and Into the Depths was also released.

December 2021

Players can look forward to Waiting for the Holiday, Letter to Winter Claus, and Holiday Every Day in December 2021, in addition to the previously stated activities.
The world will be transformed into a thousand lights in Waiting for the Holiday, bestowing the authentic sensations of Winterfest. The people of the Dominion will get ready for the usual celebrations.
Players can choose three items from a list during the Letter to Winter Claus event. On January 1, 2022, players will get one of their chosen things.
Finally, players will be able to celebrate the festive season every day during the Holiday everyday event. Fireworks, presents, dances around a well-decorated tree, and the cheerful laughing of their closest friends can all be expected.
During this time, players will be able to complete eight tasks. Various holiday rewards will be awarded to the player as a result of the tasks.

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