Who is Ted Jorgensen: Truths about Jeff Bezos’ Father

Ted Jorgensen
Ted Jorgensen

Ted Jorgensen was the biological father of Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. As the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is one of the wealthiest people in the world, if not the wealthiest. Who is Ted Jorgensen and is he part of Bezos’ life story? 

Ted Jorgensen was just a regular guy and owner of a bike store in Glendale, Arizona. In 1964, he married Jacklyn Gise, a high school student, and they had Jeffrey. Jacklyn married Miguel Bezos after the couple split, with Miguel formally adopting Jeffrey and changing his name to Bezos. Until a few years before his death in 2015, Jorgensen had no idea he was the father of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Profile Summary

Full Name Ted Jorgensen
Famous asFather of Jeff Bezos
Date of Birth10 October 1944
Place of BirthChicago
Birth SignLibra
Age at Time of Death71
Date of DeathMarch 16, 2015

Jeff’s biological father, Ted Jorgensen was born in Chicago on October 10th, 1944. His birth sign is a libra. Ted spent the rest of his life in Glendale, Arizona, after living in Alburquerque, New Mexico. He used to run a bike store there named Road Runner Bike Center. It was his only way to get things done. He had a brother named Gordon Jorgensen.

Ted’s first marriage

Jorgensen met a girl named Jacqueline Gise, Jeff’s mother, a high school student in 1960 and the two fell in love with one another. In the 1960s, the two of them decided to marry. Jacklyn gave birth to a kid in 1964. Jeffery was his name. Ted had a poor habit of drinking excessively, which had a negative impact on Jacklyn and his son Jeff. Ted and Jacklyn divorced in 1965 due to personal issues. Ted Jorgensen was just a teenager (18) when Jeff was born. He and Jackie were married for two years before she left, taking their infant son with her.

Ted was seen as a self-centered, low-level individual. They split up since he didn’t turn out to be a decent father or spouse. To put it another way, their relationship did not work out. That’s how they ended up divorcing. Ted’s ex-wife and mother of Jeff Bezos, Jacklyn, married Michael Bezos, who adopted Jeffery afterward. After considerable legal wrangling, Jeffery was given Bezos’ surname. Ted last saw his son Jeffery when he was three years old.

Ted Jorgensen second marriage:

Ted was depressed following his divorce from Jacklyn. He was asked to stay away from them by his ex-wife as she doesn’t want him close to her or their kid. Ted Jorgensen accepted since he believed it would provide his son Jeffrey with a better life. Ted eventually married Linda, a lady he met some years before. Mike, Lee, Darin, and Todd were the four children he got out of his marriage with Linda. His second marriage lasted over 27 years. He had ten grandkids as well.

After Ted Jorgensen and Jacklyn divorced, Jacklyn, who also no longer had any sort of contact with Ted his ex-husband, married Miguel “Mike” Bezos in 1968.

With Ted’s permission, Mike formally adopted Jacklyn’s kid, Jeffrey Jorgensen, and the pair changed his surname to Bezos. The new family moved to Houston, with Mike working for Exxon, then later to Miami, where Jeff attended Miami Palmetto High School.

Jeff did well in school and received his high school in 1982. He then completed his electrical engineering and computer science degree at Princeton University.

Jeff Bezos eventually opened his own garage office in 1994 after a lot of effort and hard work. The investment money was $300,000, which he borrowed from his parents with the warning that it may go to waste and that I would never be able to retrieve it.

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But time had other ideas for Jeff Bezos, who swiftly expanded his book online store into a massive e-commerce store before going public in 1997.

At that time, the Amazon company was already started to make millions of dollars. He quickly grew the company and also get a loan of $2 billion to buy other smaller online e-commerce businesses to dominate the marketplace.

Ted Jorgensen‘s Carrer

What was Jeff Bezos’ biological father’s career? He spent his early years working at a low-wage retail shop. Ted used to be a circus performer as a kid. Ted was requested to hand up custody of Jeffrey to Michael Bezos after he had left Jacklyn and Jeffrey. He agreed on this point and relocated to Phoenix in 1974, hoping for a bright future for his kid. Ted Jorgensen eventually bought a store and started a bike business, unaware that his son would become the world’s richest man. The Road Runner Bike Centre was the name of his shop. His shop was well-known among the locals at the time.

No Father and Son Reunion

Ted Jorgensen had no touch with Jacklyn or his son after their divorce. As a result, he had no idea that Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and one of the world’s wealthiest men, was his biological son.

Reporter Brad Stone, author of “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and Amazon,” tracked Jorgensen down to a small bike repair shop in Glendale, Arizona in 2012. When biographer Brad Stone, was researching a book on Bezos, entered Ted Jorgensen’s bicycle store to meet him, he discovered the truth. Jorgensen admitted to not being a good husband or parent to Jacklyn and Jeffrey.

At the time, Ted Jorgensen admitted: “I didn’t know where he was, if he had a good job or not, or if he was alive or dead.”. When shown photos of Bezos, Jorgensen’s eyes filled with sorrow and disbelief, according to the book.

Ted Jorgensen intended to reconnect with his son, whom he said he had stopped communicating with at Jacklyn’s desire. “I wasn’t a good father or a good husband,” said Jorgensen, who said at the time he planned to re-establish contact with the Bezos family.

Ted Jorgensen later said: “I had a number, but Jeff’s mother asked me not to interfere so I didn’t want to call.

“I used to wonder all the time though whatever happened to Jeff. Then I just reached a point where I thought he was long gone. That was the only child I ever had – that makes a difference too. The last time I saw him he was in diapers.” -Ted Jorgensen said.

As his health deteriorated, Jorgensen claimed that all he wanted from his kid was for him to shake his hand and acknowledge Ted as his father.

He insisted: “I just want to see him as my son, just to have him acknowledge that I’m his father and he’s my son.

“Other than that I don’t want anything from him. I don’t want to push my way in or push the other dad out of the way. I’d just like to see him.”

Jeff Bezos, who had only ever known Miguel as his father, did not appear to want to meet with Ted Jorgensen but did allegedly write him a letter.

Ted Jorgensen passed away on March 16, 2015, having failed to meet his biological son in person. Though his bike shop was a much smaller scale than Jeff Bezos’ business endeavors, it was highly regarded by the local community.

His Death:

Ted Jorgensen died on March 16, 2015, at the age of 71. The reasons behind his death remain unknown till now. He never got a chance to meet his biological son Jeff Bezos. His funeral services were held in Arizona at Phoenix Memorial Park.

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