What happened to Jade Castrinos, Where Is she Now? Her Bio, Songs, Net Worth, Husband, Instagram.

What happened to Jade Castrinos? Where Is Jade Castrinos Now?. Many are the questions about the beloved singer and songwriter. Well, Your Questions are going to be answered. Jade Castrinos is a professional folk singer, songwriter, and guitarist from the United States of America.

Great musicians, often regarded as the epitome of remarkableness in their respective genres, are rare. There is the King of Pop, but is there a dominant and renowned figure or band in the American folk-rock genre? The world of indie and folk music will always appreciate the influence of Jade Castrinos. You have probably heard of the folk-rock band Edward and Sharpe and Magnetic Zeros that was formed in California in 2007. She endeared herself to millions of music lovers around the globe with her soft and sensitive voice. Jade rose to fame as one of the members of the illustrious band, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. However, she has since split ways with the group to pursue a career as a solo artist in 2014 amid great controversy – a decision that has been crowned with success. What happened to Jade Castrinos?

It is hard to discern fact from fiction in a world where controversy sells. The entertainment industry is a hotspot for gossip, and fans hardly get the real scoop or first-hand information of whatever is going on with their favorites. Since Jade left the band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, it has been speculation after speculation.

Who is Jade Castrinos?

Jade Castrinos is an American singer and songwriter that was a pivotal member of the rock band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Her band gained international recognition when they released their debut studio album in July 2009 that ranked number 76 on the Billboard 200. It was also position 86 on the Australian chart and 56 on the UK Album.

Jade was born in Los Angeles and raised in Las Flores Canyon, Malibu. She completed her education in the same region where she grew up. There is a dearth of information available with regard to her parents. The singer is a very private person and prefers to keep a lid on details about her personal life.

However, she has revealed that her parents are both musicians, and it was they who inspired her love for the craft. When Jade was six years old, she carved her name into one of her father’s Les Paul guitars, and he took it upon himself to teach her everything he knew about music from that point on.

Jade Castrinos developed more interest in music after listening to the Canadian singer Joni Mithell. This passion made Jade start writing songs and singing in a band with her father while only 11 years old.

She kept on refining her skill and talent for many years. In 2005, she co-founded Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, alongside Alex Ebert. When they became an official band in 2007, she continued in her role as songwriter and vocalist.

Despite her super-secretive nature, Jade Castrinos is a down-to-earth person with strong family values and a desire to make the world better with songs.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Jade Castrinos joined Edward and Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros in 2005. Although the band officially formed in 2007, she was a big part of its formative years and helped in structuring until its official launch led by Alex Ebert. As part of the ensemble, Jade primarily focused on vocals, guitar, percussion, and the keyboard.

The Songs that Made Her Famous

The band played its first show on July 18, 2007, at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, California. They also released their first album, Up from Below, on July 7, 2009, on Community Records. One of the group’s most notable achievements was the hit single Home from their first album in 2010. The song went viral and has over 110 million views on YouTube as of 2021.

Shortly afterward, they delighted their growing fanbase with the release of their debut studio album in July 2009, titled Up from below. The album received effusive praise from both critics and fans. It ranked at no. 76 on the Billboard 200, 86 on the Australian chart, 56 on UK Album, and 132 on the Canadian chart.

Together with the band, Jade Castrinos put out three more albums titled Here, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and PersonA. Some of her most notable songs include Home, 40 DayDream, That’s What’s Up, Better Days, Man On Fire, and I Don’t Wanna Pray.

What happened to Jade Castrinos?

She left Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros in 2014 during the band’s summer tour. Her departure shocked numerous fans that considered her a vital part of the band and significant to its success.

In the beginning and amid numerous speculations, it came out that Jade was voted out of the band by other members. Jade altered her Instagram bio with the comment:

For seven years I sang and wrote music with Edward Sharpe. They voted me off of tour week a week before they left, via email. Lol

The band’s frontman, Alex Ebert, responded to Jade’s statement with a Facebook post, which he later deleted that stated:

Jade has spoken out about not being on this tour. Her statement left a lot of things to the imagination. Out of respect for Jade, I will keep it that way.

Later, in 2015, the band took to Facebook to counter the claim that she was booted out wasn’t accurate. They informed the public that she quit the group. They stated she chose to stay away after they requested her to stand down for one tour. The band even followed up the message with another interesting post that said that Jade was doing well after leaving the music group.

Where is Jade Castrinos now?

Since her exit from the band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, numerous fans wonder what Jade has been up to. Many have even speculated about Jade Castrinos’s death, considering her absence from the limelight that fans were used to. Is the singer and songwriter still active in the music industry?. These are many of the Questions on the minds of some of the loyal fans who are yearning to hear from their beloved once again.

After parting ways with the band, Jade Castrinos started putting more emphasis on her solo career. Her loyal fans expected a Jade Castrinos solo album sometime after leaving the group because of her incredible musical talent. She is still pursuing and expressing her passion for music and thriving as a solo artist and has collaborated with Jakob Dylan on various musical projects.

They performed their songs, Go Where you Wanna Go and In Dedicated to the one I Love on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2019. Jade stays in California but makes a home in other regions when she is on tour.

Even though Jade is super secretive, and it is hard to know more about her lifestyle and whereabouts, she is a down-to-earth individual with profound family values. And it seems like she wants to make the world a better place with her music.

Is Jade Castrinos married?

You are probably wondering about Jade Castrinos’s husband right?. Does she have one? The singer is yet to introduce anyone as her boyfriend or husband, and it is assumed that she is single. As I said earlier, the singer and songwriter mostly keep her relationship life undercover, and the public is often in the dark about any developments.

What Is the Net worth of Jade Castrinos?

According to various sources, Castrinos has an estimated net worth of around $500,000 in 2021. Her impressive net worth isn’t much of a surprise as the singer is known to pocket around $21,518 to $207,085 annually in the form of earnings; a lot of this is generated from her music career.

Compared to her fellow celebrities in the same line of work, Jade’s net worth might not look like a lot, until you remember she is not in the mainstream music industry. Her former bandmate and leader of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Alex Ebert, is not that much far ahead of her with his net worth of $4 million.

Nora Kirkpatrick, an accordion player and founding member of the band is believed to be worth a whopping $86 million, most of which she derived from acting. Going by this, it can be deduced that Castrinos is on a good path financially, and judging by how fast her career seems to be going, she is expected to eclipse her current net worth within a few years.

Alex Ebert and Jade Castrinos

Alex Ebert is the frontman of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Therefore, he had many questions to answer to fans when Jade left the band before they got used to her absence.

According to him, fans were upset about her absenteeism. The weirdest thing is that the same devotees expected that he would be in a relationship with Jade. It is a common perception among enthusiasts in the entertainment industry, which often doesn’t turn out to be true.

Jade Castrinos was in a relationship with Alex Ebert before launching the band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Their relationship did not last long. However, they continued working together until Jade left the band for good.

In an interview with the Denver Post, he stated that fans were upset that he did not have a baby with Jade but with his girlfriend.

Some are upset. In every other show, someone will ask where’s Jade, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Fans have been upset that I’ve had a baby with my girlfriend and not with Jade. It’s just ridiculous. The intention of the band is greater than the personnel.

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What Has the Musician Been Up to Lately?

Since her time with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros ended, many people have been wondering what Jade Castrinos has been up to. Presently, Jade Castrinos is still exploring her passion for music and thriving as a solo artist. She has been collaborating with Jakob Dylan on a couple of musical projects.

In 2019, she and Dylan performed their songs, Go Where you Wanna Go and In Dedicated to the one I Love, on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jade is domiciled in California but makes a home in other cities when she’s on tour.

Jade Castrinos Music / Songs

They released several singles that include:

  • 40 Day Dream
  • Give Me a Sign
  • Home
  • Memory of a Free Festival
  • Chickens In Love
  • Home
  • That’s What’s Up
  • One Love to Another
  • Man on Fire
  • Better Days
  • Life Is Hard
  • Hot Coals
  • No Love
  • Like Yours

Body Measurements

There is no information regarding Jade Castrinos’s body measurement details. Her height, weight, chest-waist-hip, dress size, shoe size, etc are all not available. Moreover, Jade has brown hair and eyes of the same color. She is also popular for her warm smile.

Jade Castrinos Social Media (Instagram)

A lot of celebrities spend their time on Instagram but that’s not Jade. Jade Castrinos is not available on social media platforms. She has an account on Instagram but at present, she has only shared one post. She probably deleted all her previous posts from the account that boasts 30.5k followers.

You have probably heard a lot about what happened to Jade Castrinos. After leaving the band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, she pursued a solo career, which moved her from the limelight that fans associated her with. So, whatever stories you hear about Jade Castrinos drugs or something else negative about her current state is probably fake and mere speculation.

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Frequently asked questions about Jade Castrinos

Are Jade and Alexander still together?

Castrinos and Alexander Ebert first formed the band as a couple and later decided to end their relationship but continued to make music together.

When did Jade leave Edward Sharpe?

She exited the band in 2014.

Who is Jade in echo in the Canyon?

Jakob and Castrinos appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform their collaborative cover Go Where You Wanna Go. The Mamas and the Papas’ classic tune comes off the soundtrack to the upcoming Laurel Canyon music documentary Echo In the Canyon.

With her talent in music, Jade Castrinos is bound to release great music and entertain her fans more. She is dedicated to her career and has produced some of the best songs of all time.

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