“We Have No Evidence of Armed Robbery Against Them”- Ghana Police

The Ashanti Regional Police Command says it has no evidence of armed robbery against three siblings arrested for brandishing guns in a viral social media

Command officials say it is yet to receive complaints against the suspects for their involvement in any wrongdoing.

But despite not finding anything incriminating on robbery, command officials find their conduct to brandish guns in that video offensive and incriminating.

Ashanti Regional Deputy Police Commander, DCOP David Agyemang Adjem told JoyNews, police did not find any evidence of robbery against the three.

“We do not have any evidence against them as armed robbers,” he said.

According to him, the three have been formally charged for creating fear and panic in that viral video though police are yet to receive any incriminating complaints against the three on robbery, their conduct sought to create fear and panic.

“We are preferring other charges apart from armed robbery because we do not have any evidence against them as armed robbers.”

If you remember, last Friday when we had the press conference, we indicated that we were expecting the public to assist us in that direction,” he said.

“And so now, we are preferring charges of creating fear and panic,” he added.

Apostle Alfred Dakurah, Emmanuel Dakurah, also known as Obuor and Richard Suleman  aged 43, 26 and 28 respectively are residents of Gausu suburb of Obuasi.

They were detained by police after they handed themselves to the Obuasi police after a video of them brandishing guns went viral on social media.

They are expected to appear before a Kumasi Circuit Court Wednesday on charges of creating fear and panic.

Ashanti Regional Deputy Police Commander, DCOP David Agyemang  Adjem says police will push for a remand in court.

“We are hoping that if go to court  and get them remanded if that is possible, you realize that even what they did create a bit of panic and if you are a follower of social media and the buzz that came with it,  it’s just right that we give it a bit of time .“

Meanwhile, DCOPAdjem has been defending the decision of the police to detain the suspects despite the command not receiving complaints from the public against the suspects.

“I don’t think it’s an abuse of their human rights because the law allows us to do that even in cases where mere suspicion, we could hold people for 48-hours but in this case,  a crime in our view was committed by their brandishing of these dangerous weapons on social media.

“We are still appealing to the public if they have any information on them in respect of any criminality.”

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