Vodafone Ghana Mifi: Price, How To Buy, Check Balance, and More.

Vodafone Ghana MiFi device

Vodafone Ghana Mifi is a portable Wi-Fi device, that allows the users to get connected to up to 5 devices. The Vodafone MiFi can be charged using a USB cord

Vodafone has two types of MIFIs namely

  • The 4G MiFi R18
  • The 3G MIFI R207

The Prices

The 4G Vodafone MIFI R18 goes for GHS 277 and it also comes with free 6GB data with lasts for a month after purchase.

The 3G Vodafone MiFi also goes for GHS 207 and also comes with free 6GB data with lasts for a month after purchase.

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First of all, you will need to charge the device for the battery to be full before using it. The battery turns blue when it is 50% charged and above and turns red when it is below 50%.

You turn on the Vodafone Ghana MIFI using the power button and then go to your computer or mobile network settings. You will see your network available there.

Your Security key and Network ID are at the back of the Vodafone Ghana MiFi. You type it in when you are asked to.

Please Not that the Security Key is Case Sensitive. You type Capital “A” if that is what is showing there, You type small “a” if that is what is showing there.

How To Check Balance and Buy Bundle.

You will have to remove the Sim from the Vodafone Ghana MiFi and place it in the Phone for you to be able to check your data balance.

To buy Data you will have to remove the sim from the Vodafone MiFi and place it in a phone and buy the Vodafone Data.

  • Dial *700#
  • Select 1: Buy Data and follow the rest the get your data.

You can also buy your data onto the Vodafone Ghana MiFi using Vodafone cash

  • Dial *110#
  • Select 3: Buy Airtime and Bundle and follow the rest to get your bundle for your Vodafone MiFi

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