Suzanne Hahn: Where Is John Astin’s Ex-wife Now?

Suzanne Hahn

Who Is John Astin’s Ex-wife?

John Astin’s former wife is called Suzanne Hahn. Suzanne and her ex-husband John were previously in love with each other. They have been separated but Suzanne remains renowned because of her ex-husband John Astin. John Astin is a successful actor and director who has appeared in numerous stage, television, and film roles.

Suzanne Hahn: Bio Summary

Name Suzanne Hahn
Gender Female
Famous as ex-wife of John Astin
Birthplace United States
Nationality American
Spouse John Astin
Children Tom Astin, Allen Astin, and David Astin

Suzanne Hahn is a private person whose marriage has led her to fame. She is in the spotlight because she was married to a celebrity. She is currently a celebrity ex-spouse. She is known as the ex-wife of actor and director John Astin.

Suzanne Hahn’s details such as her age, date of birth, parents’ identity, siblings, relatives and family background are still not available. She has not spoken about her childhood experiences so it is difficult to tell if her childhood was colorful or not.

Suzanne Hahn has also not provided any information, not even a clue of where she received her education. She has kept details of her life away from the public. What she does for a living hasn’t been made public. However, her IMDb profile tells us that she is an actress. She is known for The Kiss (1958), It Takes Two (1968) and I’ll Bet (1965).

She Was Married For 16 Years

Suzanne Hahn was previously married to John Astin. The two got attracted to each other and soon after their first meeting, romance blossomed. They were scheduled to get married, which happened on March 26, 1956, in front of their invited guests.

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Suzanne Hahn and John Astin welcomed three children, all boys. Their children are Tom Astin, Allen Astin, and David Astin. They were married for 16 years, more than a decade. For some personal reasons, they decided to get a divorce. They got divorced on June 14, 1972.

After the divorce, Suzanne has stayed far from the spotlight. It is uncertain if she got married after her divorce from John Astin or not. John Astin went ahead to remarry after he divorced Suzanne. He got married to actress and mental health advocate Anna Marie “Patty” Duke.

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John Astin and Patty Duke were married from 1972 until 1985. They have two sons Sean Astin and Mackenzie Astin. Sean was born from Patty’s earlier relationship and was adopted by John Astin. John Astin is currently married to Valerie Ann Sandobal. They have been married since 1989.

John Astin and his wife Valerie Ann Sandobal do not have any children together yet. They live in Baltimore, Maryland. They appear to be happily married and there is no sign of separation. They are enjoying a blissful married life.

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Where Is Suzanne Hahn Now?

Suzanne Hahn has not disclosed any information about where she is at the moment. She has prevented the cameras and is barely seen at public functions. She has lived a low-profile life. We haven’t heard of her death so we believe she is still alive as of 2022. She has not been involved in any public controversy or drama. Her ex-husband, John Astin is alive as of 2022. He is currently at the age of 92 years. There is no information about him feeling unwell or struggling with any health issues.

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