Sara Recor: Inside The Life Of Mick Fleetwood’s Ex-wife

Sara Recor

Sara Recor is the former wife of British musician, songwriter, and actor Mick Fleetwood. Sara’s ex-husband Mick is widely known for his work with one of the world’s best-selling bands Fleetwood Mac and as a solo artist. He has co-written or written songs on Fleetwood Mac’s albums. He has appeared in the films Get a Job, Burning Down the House, Snide and Prejudice, and Zero Tolerance.

Sara Recor: Bio Summary

NameSara Recor
Date of birth N/A
Place of birth United States
Famous asex-wife of Mick Fleetwood
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Parents N/A
Spouse Mick Fleetwood
Children N/A

Who Is Mick Fleetwood’s Ex-wife, Sara Recor?

Sara Recor is one of the women Mick Fleetwood married. Her date of birth is unknown. The identity and other information about her parents, siblings, and other relatives are unavailable. Details of her childhood and education are not known. She is best known for her romantic relationship with Mick Fleetwood. She married Mick and became the second woman he married.

Before Sara Recor came into the picture, Mick was married to Helen Mary “Jenny” Boyd who is a former model, rock muse, author, and clinical manager. He and Jenny were teenagers when they met. They were in an on-and-off relationship before getting married in June 1970. During their marriage, they welcomed two daughters, Lucy Fleetwood and Amy Fleetwood.

Mick and Jenny Boyd divorced in 1976 but got together again and remarried in 1977. Mick got involved in an affair with singer, songwriter, and producer Stevie Nicks while he was married to Jenny. His affair with Stevie didn’t last long. According to Stevie she and Mick “would never have had an affair had we not had a party and all been completely drunk and messed up and coked out, and, you know, ended up being the last two people at the party.”

Mick went ahead to confess his affair with Stevie to his wife Jenny Boyd. Mick and Jenny got divorced for the second time in 1978. Mick then began dating Sara Recor, a close friend of his ex-girlfriend Stevie Nicks. In November 1978, Sara and her then-sweetheart Mick moved into a Bel Air home. At the time, Sara was married to a music producer. Stevie once said of her friend Sara and her ex-lover Mick:

“I had started to see Mick Fleetwood romantically. I had a very dear friend whose name was Sara [Recor] who just went after Mick. And they fell in love, and the next thing, Sara’s husband is calling me to say ‘Sara moved in with Mick this morning. And I just thought you might wanna know.’ That was three months into a 13-month album. So I lost Mick, which honestly wasn’t that big of a deal because that was a rocky relationship.”

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“But losing my friend Sara? That was a huge blow. Sara was banished from the studio by the rest of the band … No one was speaking, and I wouldn’t even look directly at Mick. That went on for months. And it was great fodder for writing! The songs poured out of us.” Sara Recor and Mick Fleetwood took their relationship to the next level after dating for some time. Sara became Mick’s wife in the year 1988.

They had no children together. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out between them and they divorced in 1995. After the divorce, Mick married Lynn Frankel on July 26, 1995. They had twin daughters Tessa Fleetwood and Ruby Fleetwood. Mick filed for legal separation from Lynn in 2013, citing irreconcilable differences. Lynn and Mick’s divorce was finalized on November 20, 2015. Sara in 1995 wound up in Playboy Magazine.

Sara Recor Was The Inspiration For A Hit Song

Sara Recor’s friend Stevie Nicks wrote a hit song titled “Sara“. The song is said to be a song partially written about her friend, Sara Recor. In an interview, Stevie shared: “I remember the night I wrote it. I sat up with a very good friend of mine whose name is Sara, who was married to Mick Fleetwood. She likes to think it’s completely about her, but it’s really not completely about her.”

“It’s about me, about her, about Mick, about Fleetwood Mac. It’s about all of us at that point. There’s little bits about each one of us in that song and when it had all the other verses, it really covered a vast bunch of people. ‘Sara’ was the kind of song you could fall in love with because I fell in love with it.” However, Stevie Nicks’ ex-boyfriend musician Don Henley claimed that the song is about their unborn child.

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Where Is Sara Recor Now?

Mick Fleetwood’s ex-wife, Sara Recor’s exact whereabouts are unknown but she is believed to be alive as of the time of this writing. She has stayed away from the spotlight as much as possible. Due to her secretive way of living, much is unknown about her life. She has avoided showing up at public events or gatherings. She has not been involved in any controversies or rumors.

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