Sandra Day O’Connor Children: Who Are Sandra Day O’connor’s Children?

Sandra Day O'Connor Children

Who Are Sandra Day O’Connor Children?

Popular American retired attorney and politician Sandra Day O’Connor is known for her service as the first female associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1981 to 2006.

Sandra Day O’Connor was both the first woman nominated and the first confirmed to the court. She is one of the most influential women. She is the mother of three sons.

Sandra Day O’Connor: Bio Summary

Name Sandra Day O’Connor
Age92 years old as of 2022
Date of birth March 26, 1930
Birthplace El Paso, Texas, U.S.
Nationality American
Parents Harry Alfred Day and Ada Mae Wilkey
Spouse John Jay O’Connor
Children Scott O’Connor, Brian O’Connor, and Jay O’Connor
Occupation Retired attorney and politician

​Sandra Day O’Connor was married to John Jay O’Connor, an American lawyer. They met while they were both law review editors and students at Stanford Law School. They got married on December 20, 1952.

The couple welcomed three children, sons. They were married for close to six decades. Sandra Day O’Connor and John Jay O’Connor were married for 57 years. John Jay was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease almost 20 years.

Sandra became involved in raising awareness of the disease. His deteriorating health played a significant role in Sandra Day O’Connor’s decision to retire from the Supreme Court in 2005.

John Jay O’Connor eventually died of Alzheimer’s disease on November 11, 2009, in Phoenix, Arizona, at the age of 79. Sandra Day O’Connor and John Jay O’Connor have six grandchildren.

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Sandra Day O’Connor’s three boys

Who is Sandra Day O’Connor’s son, Scott O’Connor

Scott O’Connor was born in 1958 to Sandra Day O’Connor and John Jay O’Connor. He is 64 years old as of 2022. He is the eldest son of his parents. He lives in metro Phoenix. He is reportedly a commercial real estate developer in Phoenix, Arizona.

Scott O’Connor is an author. He is also a law practitioner at Counter Point LLC, per sources. He lives a private life.

Brian O’Connor

Brian O’Connor is the son of Sandra Day O’Connor and John Jay O’Connor. He was born in 1960. He is 62 years old as of 2022. Following Brian’s birth, his mother Sandra took a five-year hiatus from the practice of law. Brian is self-employed and lives in Cave Creek, Arizona, per sources. He prefers a low-key life.

Jay O’Connor

Jay O’Connor was born in 1962. He is 60 years old as of 2022. He is the son of Sandra Day O’Connor and John Jay O’Connor. He is the youngest of his siblings. He lives in California. He has lived a private life, away from publicity.

Is Sandra Day O’Connor Still Alive?

Sandra Day O’Connor is still alive. She is 92 years old as of 2022. She was successfully treated for breast cancer in 1988. She also had her appendix removed that year. There was a point when she needed to use a wheelchair and she moved to an assisted living facility.

Sandra Day O’Connor announced her effective retirement from public life in October 2018. She revealed that she had been diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimer’s-like dementia. She became the last living Justice to have served on the Burger Court.

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Sandra Day O’Connor volunteered in political organizations, such as the Maricopa County Young Republicans, and served on the presidential campaign for Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater in 1964. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama.

Sandra Day O'Connor Children

Sandra Day O’Connor was a member and president of the Junior League of Phoenix. She was a founding co-chair of the National Advisory Board at the National Institute for Civil Discourse (NICD). She wrote the 2013 book Out of Order: Stories from the History of the Supreme Court.

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