Rawlings’ Mentee, Dela Coffie Explains How He Got The Title ‘Junior Jesus’

jj Rawlings Junior Jesus

The late Jerry John Rawlings who left us a couple of months ago is known to be a great hero for many Ghanaians not for any other reasons but for the revolution he led in the 1970-80s that brought about some sanctity in the governance system and some Ghanaians also got the chance to live a “normal” life. One of his greatest mentees, Dela Coffie recounts how J.J Rawlings earned the respect of many Ghanaian despite his numerous flaws that characterized the coup he championed in those ages.

Dela Coffie tells of how the late ex-president earned the popular title ‘Junior Jesus’, so as to rhyme perfectly with the acronym of his first names; J.J. In his justification of Rawlings’ military overthrow of the previous government until he became President of the Fourth Republic of Ghana, Dela Coffie made it clear that the country was engulfed in corruption, greed, and exploitation of the ordinary Ghanaian and it’s resources.

He recounted that the country was plunged into unjustifiable economic hardships because of “tax evasion, bribery and corruption, nepotism, social injustice and the entrenchment of the few in government, had been the order of the day, thereby crippling the economy and creating hardships and sufferings for the ordinary Ghanaian.”

“At the time, Ghana was in the throes of food shortages and a dire economic situation that had led to rampant inflation. People had to walk hundreds of miles away to seek medical care, and essentials like key soap, sugar and whatnot which was not available,

He went on to say

Dela indicated that Rawlings 1979 coup redeemed the ordinary Ghanaian from these hardships were going through at that time, a relief that made the masses trust in his leadership and forthrightness. He noted it was for such a milestone in the country’s restoration that made the people name him the ‘Junior Jesus’ and for a few others the ‘Savior’ of the corruption plugged country.

Chairman Rawlings was touched by the cries, hunger and the suffering of the people, especially the ordinary people who could not afford a ball of kenkey. His emergence after the 1979 coup sent a spontaneous jubilation to the people throughout the country. He was hailed and received by Ghanaians for his boldness and forthrightness. Some even called him Junior Jesus and the Saviour.

Dela remarked that for Rawlings’ radical and pragmatic changes that resulted from the revolution, Ghana was able to chat a new path for equal opportunities, growth and restore it an a path to lead an agenda for democratic governance.

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His mission was to clear the mess and the rot in the system and to resurrect the collapsed Ghana. He called for radical and pragmatic change and transformation with his revolution and it really paid off and today Ghana is a beacon of democracy in Africa and beyond

He said

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