Nasallang Piercing: All You Need to Know Before Getting One

Nasallang piercing

What is a Nasallang piercing?

Nasallang piercing is a type of piercing where a single bar is placed through the right nostril, the septum, and the left nostril. Nasallang piercings are a bit of an illusion, from the outside, it looks like two separate piercings, one on each side of the nose. It’s also known as a tri-nasal piercing.

Many people aren’t familiar with this type of piercing, let alone thinking of having one themselves, but as described by people who have, “It’s one of the coolest piercings to have”. Nasallang piercing is one of those piercings that people often get when they’ve already got a few piercings already; rarely would somebody get a nasallang piercing as their very first. 

Nasallang piercings, on the other hand, are a single piece of metal that runs across one side of the nose to the other, crossing the septum (also called a tri-nasal piercing). These are a rather uncommon piercing method since they necessitate a strong pain tolerance and a skilled piercer. In terms of cost, anticipate paying between $50 and $100 for more unusual piercings. Expect the pain to be about a 7 or 8 on a scale of 10. It is always important to have this type of piercing done by a professional.

A nose piercing isn’t a new concept. It has numerous cultural origins and depending on the style of piercing, it can indicate societal position, marriage, and more.

While mainstream nasal piercings don’t have the same symbolic importance (for the most part), they’ve become more popular as a way of expression—and the sort of piercing you get has a lot to do with what you’re trying to say.

How Does a Nasallang piercing work?

In an interview with the byrdie, this is how Professional piercer Courtney Morrison describes Nasallang piercing. Morrison told the Byrdie that “a nasallang piercing is a single bar placed through the right nostril, the septum and the left nostril” — sort of like a bridge piercing but further down.

It looks like two separate piercings, one in each nostril, but the bar is just a single piece of the model going from one side of your nose across to the other. They cross through the septum — and are for this reason sometimes also called a tri-nasal piercing — so in one sitting you’re getting both nostrils and your septum pierced. 

In other words, If the piercing instead runs horizontally through the nasal cavity, it is known as a nasallang. It goes in through one nostril, then the septum, and then out on the side of the other nostril. As said earlier, Nasallang piercing is one of the more painful types of piercings and this piercing can take about four to six months to heal with a pain level of about 7 or 8 on a scale of 10.

Surely that must be excruciatingly painful? Yes, you’ll need a good pain tolerance for this piercing, and it can be pricier than simpler piercings because you’ll almost certainly require an expert piercer.

How Much Do Nasallang piercing Cost and Jewelry?

This type of piercing can cost about $ 50 to $ 100. This type of piercing mostly requires the hands of a professional to get it done properly. Some of the Jewelry that can use are Fishtails and Straight barbells.

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