My girlfriend broke up with me because she says the ₵40 I give her every day is not enough- GH shares his story

A Ghanaian man has confided in an online counsellor revealing how his girlfriend of two years was painfully dumped because the pocket money he gives him is not enough.

The Cape-Coast man who identified himself as Enock and a pharmacist said the lady told him bluntly that if he’s not ready to meet her demands, then he should move on with his life because she has other men in line who are ready to sponsor her.

His full post as shared on social media read;

“Good morning house, I’m Enock from cape coast and I’m a pharmacist. There is some issues bothering me of which I want the house to help me out. I’m seeing a lady who happens to be my girlfriend.

We hv dated for 2 years and this girl always complain wen I give her 40 cedis for day. She has been complaining several times the 40 cedis I give her a day is not enough so I should increase which I said no cox I also hv a lot to attend . And 40 cedis is not small money cox almost 1,200 cedis a months so what are telling me.

So just yesterday I send her 40 cedis and she returned it back to me telling me she is no more interested in that 40 cedis I give a day. Since den she doesn’t pik my call nor return my message. Just today I had a message from her telling me she can’t continue cox some one out there is ready to sponsor her so is over off which I answer ok.

So I want to ask the house especially the ladies if I’m been wicked to her or she just don’t us to move on. Please this is the story but hide my identity and don’t give my account to any one who ask it. Just want to read comment and see if I was right. Thank u so kindly post in the group from me.”

Kennedy Gedzah

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