Molly McVie: Inside The Life Of John McVie’s Daughter

Molly McVie is the daughter of John McVie. Molly’s father John McVie has been a member of the rock band Fleetwood Mac since the 1960s. He is a bass guitarist who played bass guitar on Warren Zevon’s Top 40 hit “Werewolves of London”. He is listed at number 37 on Rolling Stone’s list of 50 greatest bassists. He was a member of the rock band John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers.

Molly McVie: Bio Summary

NameMolly McVie
Other name Molly Elizabeth McVie
Age 35 years old as of 2024
Date of birth February 28, 1989
Place of birth United States
Famous asdaughter of John McVie
Spouse Thomas
Sibling N/A
Parents John McVie and Julie Ann Reubens

How Old Is Molly McVie?

Molly McVie also known as Molly Elizabeth McVie was born on February 28, 1989, making her 35 years old as of 2024. Her parents are British bass guitarist John Graham McVie and Julie Ann Reubens. She is the first and only child of her parents which means she has zero siblings. Although she is a celebrity child, she was raised away from the spotlight. Much information about her early years is unavailable.

However, being the only child of her parents, Molly McVie is believed to have had access to a comfortable life while growing up. She grew up in luxury since her father John McVie was already famous when she was born. On her father’s side, Molly McVie is the granddaughter of Reg McVie and Dorothy McVie. Molly reportedly attended Loyola Marymount University School of Film and Television.

Molly McVie Is A Producer And Animal Activist

Molly McVie is said to have worked as a producer at Loyola Production Inc. for several years and served as a project coordinator and supervisor for fundraising videos profiling non-profit companies such as Homeboy Industries Opus prize video, St Joseph Wast Coast promotional video, Walter Ciszek Jesuit Vocations Video, and East African Famine Aid Fundraising video, per Jukebugs.

Molly McVie was a reporter for Ignition New Network (INN) covering catholic and social justice news. She was also a researcher for episodes with a keen sense for impactful, mission-oriented stories, and also an assistant professor for filmmaking software. As an animal activist, she volunteered at Best Friends Animal Society where she facilitates giving care to both rescued cats and dogs. She has been participating in beach cleanups in the Los Angeles Area as a member of Heal the Bay.

Molly McVie’s father John McVie is known as a member of the rock bands John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers from 1964 to 1967 and Fleetwood Mac since 1967. He has appeared on the TV specials Fleetwood Mac: Tango in the Night, Fleetwood Mac: The Dance, Fleetwood Mac Live in Boston, and John Mayall – The Godfather of British Blues. He voiced himself in episodes of the Podcast Series, The Fleetwood Mac Channel.

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Molly McVie Is Married

Molly McVie is said to be a married woman. She is happily married to a man identified as Thomas. She has not provided much information about her husband or their marriage. They may have children but nothing is known about them. Fortunately for Molly, her parents are still married. Her parents have been married since April 19, 1978. They have been husband and wife for over 40 years.

Molly’s father John McVie was previously married to musician Christine Anne McVie (née Perfect), who was the keyboardist and one of the vocalists and songwriters of the band Fleetwood Mac. John and Christine married in August 1968. “John was engaged when I first met him,” Christine said. “And then the engagement was broken off. He had a wonderful sense of humor, the most endearing person.”

“I loved him. He loved me. Good reason.” John and Christine who had no children together were married until 1976 when they divorced. They remained friends even after the divorce. Christine said of the divorce: “We just reached a point where we couldn’t be in the same room together. We’d probably spent more time with one another than most couples who have lived together for twenty-five years. We had no individuality, no separation.”

Christine once mentioned that if she had not joined the band Fleetwood Mac, she might still be married to John. She said: “I dare say, if I hadn’t joined Fleetwood Mac, we might still be together. I just think it’s impossible to work in the band with your spouse.” Christine added, “Imagine the tension of living with someone 24 hours a day, on the road, in an already stressful situation, with the added negativity of too much alcohol.”

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After divorcing Christine, John later fell in love and married his wife number 2 Julie Ann Reubens. Christine told Rolling Stone how she felt about John’s marrying again: “I didn’t feel weird,” Christine said. “I was really, really happy. John, he’ll always have a soft spot for me, as I always will for him.” However, she said “It maybe was a little odd that he and his new wife bought my old house from me. And actually held their wedding in my old house. That was a little strange.”

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