Merrianne Jessop: Warren Jeffs’ Youngest Wife, Where Is She Now?

Merrianne Jessop

Merrianne Jessop is the wife of Warren Jeffs. Warren Jeffs is an American religious leader and convicted child rapist. He is the president of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, commonly referred to as the FLDS Church, a polygamous denomination of the Latter-Day Saints movement.

Warren Jeffs is known for marrying underage girls, raping family members, and sexually abusing children. Warren Jeffs has many wives. He had as many as 78 wives. At the time of his arrest, 24 of them were reportedly under the age of 17. One of his many wives is Merrianne Jessop.

Merrianne Jessop: Bio Summary

NameMerrianne Jessop
Age28 years old(As of 2022)
Famous asWarren Jeffs’ wife
SiblingNaomie Jessop
ParentsMerril Jessop
SpouseWarren Jeffs

Merrianne Jessop is one of the many wives of Warren Jeffs, in fact, she was the youngest of them all. Merrianne has a sister that was also married to Warren Jeffs and she is called Naomie Jessop. Naomie Jessop is said to be Warren Jeffs’ favorite wife.

Initially, Naomie Jessop was married to Warren Jeffs’ father Rulon Jeffs, who was the then president of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church). Rulon Jeffs died on September 8, 2002, in St. George, Utah, the U.S. He died at the age of 92 years.

Rulon Jeffs reportedly had 65 wives and 65 children at the time of his death. However, other sources also have it that he may have been survived by 60 wives and about 60 children including 33 sons.

After the death of Rulon Jeffs, his son Warren Jeffs’ took over FLDS Church and subsequently married all but two of his father’s wives, solidifying his political position in the community. Naomie Jessop was with Warren Jeffs at the time of his capture by police.

Merrianne Jessop’s Father Had Many Wives

Merrianne Jessop’s father is Merril Jessop. Merril Jessop was a high-ranking bishop in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, FLDS Church. Merrianne’s father Merril was briefly the de facto leader of the FLDS and was also in charge of the YFZ Ranch during the 2008 raid.

Merrianne Jessop’s father Merril Jessop has been a lifelong member of the church, as his father and grandfathers were former high-ranking FLDS officials. Merril Jessop was married to many wives. He was married to Foneta Marie Stokes Cook, Ruth Pugh Steed, Barbara Steed, and Carolyn Bistline Blackmore.

Merril Jessop was also the husband of Tammy Lauritzen Barlow, Ireta Cathleen Hammon Barlow, Lorraine Steed, and several other women. He had a total number of 54 children, per reports. Merril Jessop passed away on February 28, 2022, in Cedar City, Utah, United States, at age 86.

How Old Was Merrianne Jessop When She Got Married?

Merrianne Jessop got married to religious leader Warren Jeffs at a very young age. She was the youngest of Warren Jeffs’ many wives. Merrianne got married to Warren Jeffs when she was only 12 years old. She married Warren Jeffs in the year 2006.

Merrianne Jessop married Warren Jeffs three weeks after her twelfth birthday. Their wedding ceremony was presided over by Merril Jessop, Merrianne Jessop’s father. As of 2022, Merrianne Jessop is at the age of 28 years.

Where Is Merrianne Jessop Now?

Merrianne Jessop’s husband Warren Jeffs got arrested. In 2006, Warren Jeffs was placed on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List for his flight from the charges that he had arranged illegal marriages between his adult male followers and underage girls in Utah.

In 2007, Arizona charged him with eight additional counts in two separate cases, including incest and sexual conduct with minors. Warren Jeffs was convicted of two counts of rape as an accomplice, for which he was sentenced to imprisonment for ten years to life in Utah State Prison.

This conviction was overturned by the Utah Supreme Court in 2010 due to flawed jury instructions. Warren Jeffs was extradited to Texas, where he was found guilty of sexual assault of a minor, for raping a 15-year-old he had married; and aggravated sexual assault against a child, for raping a 12-year-old he had married; for which he was sentenced to life in prison, plus twenty years and fined $10,000.

After Warren Jeffs’ arrest, Merrianne Jessop told caseworkers that marrying Warren Jeffs was not a crime. She said that “Heavenly Father is the one who tells Warren Jeffs when a girl is ready to get married… He’s merely doing what Heavenly Father says.” Merrianne insisted that these unions were pure.

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The Authorities reportedly discovered a 14-minute audiotape of Warren Jeffs sexually assaulting Merrianne. Warren Jeffs had a group sex session with a few minor females in the ranch’s temple vault. He had sexual intercourse with Merrianne on a ceremonial bed during the marriage ceremony while other wives watched, Merrianne subsequently told officials.

Merrianne was taken to foster care. She was taken in by a cousin who was not a member of the FLDS. She was believed to have returned to the ranch in Texas around August 2009. She has lived a low-profile life away from the spotlight as much as possible.

Did Merrianne Jessop Have Any Kids With Warren Jeffs?

Merrianne Jessop didn’t have any children with Warren Jeffs. There are no public records that inform us that Merrianne is a mother. She didn’t get pregnant for Warren Jeffs. Per sources, Veda Keate who was 14 years old when Warren Jeffs married her had a child when the authorities discovered them. Warren Jeffs was the father of Veda Keate’s child and it was proven by a DNA test.

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