Melissa Babish, Terry Bradshaw’s Ex-wife

Melissa Babish

Melissa Babish was Terry Bradshaw’s first wife. Babish’s ex-husband, Bradshaw is an American former professional football player who was a quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the National Football League. Since 1994, he has been a television sports analyst and co-host of Fox NFL Sunday.

Babish’s ex-husband, Bradshaw was born on September 2, 1948, but much is not known about her date of birth and age. Born as Melissa Babish, she is believed to born in the early 1950s which makes her age be in the late 60s as of 2021. The NFL star’s ex-wife Melissa was a high-profile figure herself, she is a former beauty pageant winner.

Melissa Babish is widely noted for winning the prestigious Miss Teenage America Pageant in 1969. The Miss Teenage America Pageant was a United States beauty pageant started in 1961 as a pageant for high school girls. In the 1960s and 1970s, it was usually broadcast on the CBS network around November each year. The pageant was sponsored by Dr. Pepper. The original pageant ended after 1979, and the name rights were sold to Teen Magazine, which transformed the event into a mail-in contest that evaluated grades and volunteer work. The event ended after the 1998 Miss Teenage America was crowned, and Teen Magazine itself ceased operations in 2009.

Melissa Babish was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the United States of America. Although much is not known about her family background, Babish was born to supportive American parents who helped their daughter to win such a prestigious contest at an early age. She was interested in modeling from an early age and the entertainment sector has always attracted her.

Although being a beauty queen most people recognize her for being the first wife of former National Football League (NFL) player Terry Paxton Bradshaw. The couples tied the knot in 1972 in the presence of friends, family, and loved ones.

The two were married for just one year. Terry’s made a lot of jokes about divorce over the years, but he’s never spoken about Melissa Babish or what their marriage was like. The athlete has never publicly spoken about how they meet and what even lead to their divorce after being married for a short while. Melissa Babish and Terry Bradshaw didn’t have any children. Much was not heard from her after the divorce.

Despite this early heartbreak, Bradshaw wasn’t turned away from the idea of marriage. Three years after he and Melissa split, Terry found love again. He married a fellow athlete, Olympic figure skater Alicia “JoJo” Starbuck. Their relationship was also pretty private, a background detail to Terry’s career. Their marriage lasted seven years until their split in 1983.

Melissa Babish’s ex-husband, Terry once again didn’t give up on love. In fact, he married his next wife the very same year. Charla Hopkins was Terry’s family attorney. Terry had known her for a long time and didn’t hesitate. This time, it felt like something that could last. During their marriage, Terry and Charla started a family. They welcomed two daughters. Rachel was born in 1987. Erin was born in 1992.

Charla and Terry had been married 16 years when they split in 1999. That third failed attempt at love was hard on Melissa Babish’s ex-husband Bradshaw. “I could not bounce back from my divorce — emotionally — I just could not bounce back,” he told USA Today in a candid 2004 interview.

“With any bad situations I’d experienced before — a bad game or my two previous divorces — I got over them,” he continued. “This time I just could not get out of the hole. The anxiety attacks were frequent and extensive … I couldn’t stop crying … I was angry, bitter, hateful, and mean-spirited. I couldn’t sleep — couldn’t concentrate. It just got crazy.”

Melissa Babish’s ex-husband Bradshaw is now married for the fourth time, on July 8, 2014, to Tammy Bradshaw, his girlfriend of 15 years.

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