Meet 21-year-old bisexual who wants to birth two daughters

Awudu Inusah known popularly as Dollar has disclosed that he would want to have two daughters by 23, however, he will never allow them to be a part of LGBTQ+ community.

In an exclusive interview with SVTV Africa, the aspiring crossdresser revealed that he would not allow them to identify as that because it is not good and for him, he mingled with girls a lot, hence his new life.

“I realized that I walked and talked differently when I was 10 but I had gay sex five years later. For me, most of my friends were girls so I behaved like them a lot but my parents did not see anything wrong with it.

“Eventually, I began to grow feelings for men and not women. If I realize the same with my children I will stop them so they don’t grow up like me,” Dollar revealed.

Speaking on how his new life began, the 21-year-old stated that “I used to steal my mom’s eyebrow pencil, mascara but she was not aware because we are three boys. My first boyfriend was about 30 years old because I liked money and he could provide for me.”

Awudu further indicated that after several boyfriends and heartbreaks, he decided to receive money and not a broken heart.

“I began charging for sex but with men mostly. At some point, my mother restricted my movement but whenever I got the chance, I would go out and make money. I charged 500 cedis a night,” Dollar told DJ Nyaami.

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