Marta Regina Bergoglio: Facts About Pope Francis’ Sister

Marta Regina Bergoglio

Marta Regina Bergoglio is the sister of Pope Francis. Marta’s brother assisted to bring back full diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba, supported the cause of refugees during the European and Central American migrant crises, and made a deal with the People’s Republic of China to define how much influence the nation has in appointing their Catholic bishops.

Marta Regina Bergoglio: Bio Summary

NameMarta Regina Bergoglio
Date of birth August 24, 1940
Birthplace Buenos Aires, Argentina
DiedJuly 11, 2007 (aged 66)
Famous asPope Francis’ Sister
Gender Female
Parents Regina Maria Sivori and Mario Jose Bergoglio
Siblings María Elena Bergoglio, Oscar Adrian Bergoglio, Pope Francis, and Alberto Bergoglio
Children Pablo Mario Narvaja and Maria Inés Narvaja

Marta Regina Bergoglio was born on August 24, 1940, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is one of five children born to Italian immigrants Regina Maria Sivori and Mario Jose Bergoglio. Regina Maria was a housewife while Mario Jose was a railway worker.

Mario Jose’s family moved from Italy in 1929 to run away from the fascist rule of Benito Mussolini. Mario Jose eventually died in 1959, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at age 51. Regina María also died on January 08, 1981, at age 69, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Marta Regina Bergoglio has little information about her childhood on the internet. Nothing has been said about her educational background and qualifications. Her profession and individual life hasn’t been made public.

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Marta Regina Bergoglio’s Siblings

Marta Regina Bergoglio was not born alone. She has four siblings. She and all her siblings were born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her siblings are called María Elena Bergoglio, Oscar Adrian Bergoglio, Pope Francis, and Alberto Bergoglio.

Marta Regina Bergoglio’s siblings Oscar Adrián, and Alberto Horacio are all deceased. It is only Pope Francis and María Elena Bergoglio that are still living. All her siblings except Pope Francis, have lived their lives away from publicity and much attention.

Pope Francis at a point was employed as a bouncer and a janitor. He also trained as a chemist and worked as a technician in a food science laboratory. He was inspired to join the Society of Jesus in 1958 and got ordained a Catholic priest in 1969.

Pope Francis was the Jesuit provincial superior in Argentina and became the archbishop of Buenos Aires in 1998. He is the head of the Catholic Church. He has been sovereign of the Vatican City State since 13 March 2013.

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What Happened To Marta Regina?

Marta Regina Bergoglio passed away on July 11, 2007, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the age of 66 years. The cause of her death is unknown. There isn’t much information about her personal life but she had children and was a wife.

Pablo Mario Narvaja and Maria Inés Narvaja have been identified as Marta Regina Bergoglio’s children. It is only their names that are available, nothing is known about them. Marta Regina is said to have other children but their information is also not known.

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