Marnie Mae Ellis, Tom Ellis’ Daughter

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Marnie Mae Ellis

Marnie Mae Ellis is the daughter of Tom Ellis and his ex-wife, Tamzin Outhwaite. Marnie’s father, Tom is a Welsh actor. He is known for playing Lucifer Morningstar in the Netflix urban fantasy series Lucifer and its Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover appearance in the Arrowverse franchise, as well as Gary Preston in the BBC One sitcom Miranda and a Hollywood physician in the USA Network series Rush. Her mother, Tamzin is also an English actress, presenter, and narrator. Since playing the role of Mel Owen in the BBC soap opera EastEnders, she has starred in a number of theatre and television productions, including the army series Red Cap and the crime drama New Tricks.

Marnie Mae Ellis: Profile Summary

Full NameMarnie Mae Ellis
famous asdaughter of Tom Ellis
Date of Birth 1 August 2012
Age 9 years old as of 2021
Place of BirthUnited Kingdom
Zodiac signLeo
ParentsFather – Tom Ellis
Mother- Tamzin Outhwaite
Parents OccupationFather- Actor
Mother -Actress
Siblings Nora Ellis, Florence Elsie Ellis

Tom Ellis’ daughter, Marnie Mae Ellis looks like a movie star already just like the father, but we never can tell if it is what she wants to do eventually. Time reveals all, doesn’t it?. Marnie Mae was born on August 1, 2012, she is 8 years old as of 2021. She was born in the United Kingdom but the exact place is not known. Marnie Ellis is not the only child of her parents, she has two other siblings, Nora Ellis, Florence Elsie Ellis. Marnie Mae Ellis is the second daughter of Tamzin and the third daughter of Tom Ellis.

Although her has been divorced for quite some time now, there haven’t been any issues with his parenting, thanks to his amicable mother, Tamzin. The big question here is, what is Marnie Mae Ellis up to these days? She is almost a teenager now, and fans are curious if she has shown interest in acting.

Marnie Mae Ellis is very private regarding her personal traits, we have no idea if she will follow in the footsteps of her star parents or not.

Both Tamzin Outhwaite’s daughters with Tom Ellis are active faces on their social media as the celebrity parents post them often. Marnie being the youngest, is the most featured for her shenanigans, whereas, for her other siblings Florence Elsie Ellis, she tries to keep herself out from the camera sight.

You are pampered the most when you are the youngest. So it is with Marnie, an 8-year-old who appears to be active in a variety of activities. Unlike her sister and half-sister, her skill appears to blossom from a young age, as she constantly seeks out new activities.

Because Tom’s youngest daughter is interested in a wide range of activities, we’ve included some of her favorite pastimes below.

Tamzin Outhwaite’s daughter with Tom Ellis is already into acting. The 8-year-old has inherited acting skills from her parent and has already showcased her skills in her school. Tamzin also takes her to her TV series and movie sets occasionally, which might have cultivated her fondness for the art of acting. The youngest daughter of the Ellis family is a member of her elementary school’s drama club and also practicing her acting skills at a local theatre.

As Marnie Mae Ellis lives with her mother Tamzin mostly, you can see the actress posting about her kid’s shenanigans on her social media often. The youngest one in the family has shown interest in ballet and has started to practice on her known. Marnie is also into singing, but her skills are not as good as her dancing.

She is not only into acting she is also a watch. This was too obvious, as most kids of similar age to Marnie are into Disney movies. If it was not for Disney, our childhood would have felt so colorless and dull. There would have been no Robin William’s iconic character Genie or even the evergreen “Lion King.”

However, the outgoing Marnie is mostly into newer adaption of Disney movies with the likes of Wall-E, Despicable Me, and the How To Train Your Dragon trilogy.

With the global impact of mobile phones on children and their activities, it looks like Tamzin Outhwaite and Tom Ellis’ youngest daughter isn’t affected at all. The Lucifer star’s daughter is physically active and spends most of her time outdoors.

While Marnie Mae Ellis’s star parents separated for good in 2014, she is seen spending time with both of them on multiple occasions. She stays with her mom mostly as the Lucifer actor is busy with his shooting and spending more time with his current wife, Meaghan Oppenheimer.

How did Marnie Mae Ellis’ parents meet and got married? Having fallen in love on the set of EastEnders, Tom and Tamzin married in 2006. Two years after their marriage, they gave birth to their first daughter, Florence before Marnie came along. They had two daughters together.

However, their marriage did last forever. They divorced and separated in 2014 after Ellis confessed to having a one-night stand with another actress on the set of Gothica. The confession was the beginning of the end for the Welsh star. The couples were married for 8 years before they divorced.

The identity of the woman he had a bang with was revealed recently. She was an American-Australian actress, Emilie de Ravin. Seeing that she couldn’t handle the trauma of infidelity, Outhwaite called it quits.

Today, her parents have moved on. Marnie Mae Ellis’ father, Tom is married to Meaghan Oppenheimer, an American TV screenwriter. The two married each other on July 2, 2019.

For her mother, Tamzin she moved on with a new boyfriend, Tom Child, who is twenty years younger than she is. She isn’t thinking of marrying just yet. The new partners have found a way of being close with the children.

Unlike Marnie’s dad, her mother Tamzin Outhwaite is asked by her daughters not to marry again. For reasons undisclosed, both the London residents are not on the same board with their mom marrying her current boyfriend, Tom Child.

In an interview, the British actress mentioned

“They always say, “You two are marrying”. They don’t like the idea but it’s ok since we are not desperate. I feel like we already share a relationship like those of the married ones”.

Although the EastEnder star appreciates her current partner, she would never disagree with her kids. Only time will tell if the 29-year-old who has already moved into his partner’s place with her children is completely ok with the decision.

Florence Elsie Ellis, the first Tamzin Outhwaite’s daughter with Tom Ellis, is also settled with her mother. Both Marnie and her elder sister are situated in London with their British award-winning mother.

Tom Ellis has an estimated net worth of $8 Million According to weathyperson portal. He has earned the majority of his wealth from his acting career. According to celebritynetworth portal, Marnie Mae Ellis’ mother, Tamzin Outhwaite also has a net worth of $8 million



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