Margot Rooker: Who Is Michael Rooker’s Wife?

Margot Rooker

Margot Rooker is the wife of American actor Michael Rooker. Margot’s husband Michael Rooker has played roles such as Henry in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986), Chick Gandil in Eight Men Out (1988), Frank Baily in Mississippi Burning (1988), Terry Cruger in Sea of Love (1989), Rowdy Burns in Days of Thunder (1990), Bill Broussard in JFK (1991), Hal Tucker in Cliffhanger (1993), and Sherman McMaster in Tombstone (1993), among others.

Margot Rooker: Bio Summary

NameMargot Rooker
Famous aswife of Michael Rooker
Date of birth N/A
Gender Female
Birthplace United States
Parents N/A
Marital status Married
Spouse Michael Rooker
Children Alynne Rooker and Gillian Rooker

Who Is Michael Rooker’s Wife, Margot?

Margot Rooker is widely known as Michael Rooker’s wife. She has not disclosed a lot about her formative years so very little is known about her humble beginnings. Her date of birth, parents’ and siblings identity, and family background is unknown. It has been said that she was raised in a small village near New Jersey.

Margot Rooker’s father was a farmer while her mother was a housewife, sources claim. Her full name is Margot Tsuru LaRose. The name of the high school she attended is not known. She received a scholarship and eventually graduated from Harvard University. She played on her college basketball team. She was fond of singing, dancing, and acting.

Margot Rooker did some acting in theater plays. She was a talented speaker thus, representing her college in the inter-college debate competition. Margot loved to watch romantic and thriller movies. Reports have it that, her favorite actors are Tom Hanks and Al Pacino. She is fond of listening to Piano music, especially Mozart, and loved to cook and express her culinary taste.

Margot Rooker is said to have worked at a local restaurant after completing her college graduation. She was a head chef before she got married to Michael Rooker. She is believed to have quit her job to become a housewife. She is also involved in some charity and social work.

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How Did Margot Rooker Meet Michael Rooker?

Margot Rooker and Michael Rooker met each other through mutual friends at a marriage party, per sources. At the time they met, Michael wasn’t as successful as he is now. Back then, he was a struggling actor. Margot and Michael fell in love with each other and soon began to date. After studying each other for a while, they got engaged and then, decided to get married.

Margot Rooker and Michael Rooker got to the point where they were convinced that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, as a couple. On June 22, 1979, they tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony. They have been blessed with two daughters. The couple named their daughters, Alynne Rooker, and Gillian Rooker.

Margot Rooker is still married to her husband Michael Rooker. They have been married for more than 40 years, which shows the depth of their relationship. There isn’t any growing distance between them, not that we know of. The couple seems crazy about each other. They live in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Margot Rooker’s Husband Contracted Covid-19

Margot Rooker’s husband Michael Rooker had Covid-19. He mentioned that he had finished an “epic battle” with coronavirus. He revealed in a series of Instagram posts that he self-isolated in his Airstream, away from his family, as he battled off COVID-19. He detailed the experience he had with COVID in a lengthy Instagram post, alongside a photo of a negative COVID-19 test.

He wrote: “Well the day is here this day….04 the month of 09 the year of our Lord 2020….. Great news has surfaced on this day. The news is this…….Yo all y’all Rooker fans…If y’all aint figured it out by now why I’ve been isolating in this crazy awesome Airstream of mine…let me help y’all out by saying, I’ve been fighting off COVID-19. and I have to let y’all know it has been quite a battle. ”

“And as in any war, ALL is fair. And IN the middle of this epic battle….I’ve come to the conclusion that there aint a whole heck of a lot one can do externally, to fight off COVID-19 once it has gotten into your Body/immune system. this is my personal opinion And definitely not The conclusion of some scientific Study. The real battle takes place internally, on a cellular level. ”

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Michael Rooker noted that for him, he “made the decision not to take any extra medicines or vitamins or supplements. I felt that if my immune system was not already prepared for this battle loading up with all this extra stuff would only do me damage as kidneys and liver would have been gravely stressed…In the process of fighting off Covid, I could feel and see the results of those daily battles, By how I Felt and looked the next day.”

He added: “I was either feeling like crap, or Pretty dang good, semi human in fact. So, Just so y’all know the End result of all those daily battles has come to an end. My body/immune system, has won the WAR! Covid put up a pretty good fight… but bottom line, it ended up getting its ass knocked out! buy my immune Systems. He added: 1,2, punch to the head, 2 body shots and a left hook right upper-cut combination.

End of story…..”

In another Instagram post, he shared a photo of himself mock-crying over a cracked martini glass. He wrote the caption: “Noooooooooooooooo!
After all this time stuck inside…dealing with this crazy COVID Not ABLE TO HANG with family and friends… this is the last straw! I’m done&done. No more of this fancy fragile crap! from now on it’s a good old beer stein for me…………and YES! Dar is no reason why you can’t drink a delicious Hendricks martini out of a stein! 🤪🤪🤪 #justbehappy”

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