Louise Julia Russell, Fact about Bing Russell’s Wife

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Louise Julia Russell is the wife of Bing Russell. Louise’s husband Bing was an American actor and Class A minor-league baseball club owner. He was the father of Hollywood actor Kurt Russell and grandfather of ex-major league baseball player Matt Franco and actor Wyatt Russell

Louise Julia Russell
Birth NameLouise Julia Crone
Famous asThe Wife of Bing Russell
Date of BirthUnknown
Place of BirthUnited State of America
Childern Jill Russell and Kurt Russell, Jamie Russell, Jody Russell

Louise and the husband Bing Russell got married in 1946. She and the husband were together until he sadly passed away in 2003 from complications of cancer on April 8, 2003, in Thousand Oaks, California. Louise Julia Russell and the husband had a 52 good years of marriage. In their 52 years of marriage the couples werea able to give birth to 4 children. They are Jill Russell and Kurt Russell, Jamie Russell and Jody Russell.

Louise is the mother of Golden Globe nominated actor, Kurt Russell. She is also the grandmother of an American actor, Wyatt Russell, who is also a former professional hockey player. Wyatt is the son of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Louise Julia is also grandmother of a former major league baseball player, Matt Franco, who is Kurt Russell’s nephew.

Facts about Louise Julia Russell husband Bing

Louise Julia Russell husband was best known for playing the role of Deputy Clem Foster on Bonanza, beginning in 1959 and of Robert in The Magnificent Seven in 1960.

He also guest starred in episodes of many television series during his acting career.

In 1979, Kurt Russell had the role of Elvis Presley in a television movie, Elvis and Bing Russell played his father, Vernon Presley.

Louise Julia Russell husband owned the Portland Mavericks, the only independent team in their league, from 1973 through 1977. He kept more players on his team than he needed, because he thought the players deserved to play for one last season. He believed in his players having fun. Many players who were not good enough for other teams came to his June try-outs. They were always open to anyone who showed up.

Louise Julia’s husband Russell died from cancer on April 8, 2003 in Thousand Oaks, California.

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