Linda Boone: Inside the Life of Pat Boone’s Daughter

Linda Boone
Linda Boone Michaelis (Far Left)

Linda Boone is the daughter of iconic singer Pat Boone. Linda Boone’s father is an American singer, actor, and composer. He is known for selling more than 45 million records, had 38 Top 40 hits, and appeared in more than 12 Hollywood films. According to Billboard, the clean-cut teen idol was the second-biggest-charting artist of the late 1950s, behind only Elvis Presley, and was ranked at No. 9 in its listing of the Top 100 Top 40 Artists 1955–1995.

Linda Boone: Bio Summary

Full NameLinda “Lindy” Boone
Other namesLinda Boone Michaelis
famous asDaughter of Pat Boone
Age 68 years old as of 2023
Date of BirthOctober 11, 1955
Place of Birth Teaneck, New Jersey, United States
Zodiac signLibra
Siblings  Laurey BooneCherry Boone, Debby Boone
Parents  Pat Boone, Shirley Boone

Who is Pat Boone’s daughter?

Linda Boone was born on October 11, 1955, in Teaneck, New Jersey, United States of America. As of 2023, she is 68 years old. Linda is the daughter of  Pat Boone and his late wife Shirley Boone. Linda is not the only child of the couple, they also have three other children- Laurey BooneCherry Boone, and Debby Boone.

In the 1960s, her parents’ marriage nearly came to an end because of her father’s use of alcohol and his preference for attending parties. However, after coming into contact with the Charismatic Movement, Shirley began to focus more on her religion and eventually influenced the singer and their daughters to have a similar religious focus. 

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Linda Boone and her sister formed a singing group

The sisters started touring with their parents at a very young age. Back in the 1970s, the four daughters of Pat Boone went by their stage name The Boones when they formed the pop singing group and went on to release their debut album, The Boone Girls. They started their career recording with their parents as The Pat Boone Family and later as the Boones or Boone Girls.

Coming from a family with musical talents- they are the granddaughters of Red Foley- their album was well-received in the gospel community. Because of their success in the industry with their debut album and their incredible stage performances, Variety once said, they had “one of the most talked-about shows of this or any other season.

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The Boones twice reached Billboard’s AC charts with 1975’s “When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes” (No. 25), a remake of the Supremes’ first top 40 hit, and 1977’s “Hasta Mañana” (No. 32), a cover of a track from ABBA’s Waterloo album.

Sadly, Linda Boone and her sisters’ music group didn’t last long. Her sister Debby went on to become a solo act and even won a Grammy Award for Best New Artist and an American Music Award for Favorite Pop Single of 1977 while Cherry battled anorexia nervosa.

Linda’s son fell three stories down

Linda Boone has gone through a lot in her life and is one of the strongest of her siblings. The family believes their faith sustained us through tragedy. When her son, Ryan, was a little boy, he slipped and fell three stories down from a skylight on a roof and immediately had his skull crushed from the force of the impact.

Although doctors told Linda that her son would be in a vegetative state if he survived his deep coma, Linda still prayed for her little one to get better and thanks to medical marijuana, he’s doing “much better than anybody had ever predicted.” “I’m very grateful that this is available legally for Ryan right now,” Linda Boone told Matt Lauer on TODAY.

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The medicine helps Linda’s boy, Ryan, fight an involuntary reaction he has to seeing men he doesn’t know. “It’s really a fight-or-flight part of the brain. He feels threatened by other men, so we were kind of limited as to where we could go,” she explained during a previous appearance on Today.

Linda Boone continued – “He’s great with our family, with the men in our family, but when I’m able to give him some little bit of brownie, a little bit of chocolate (with medical marijuana), something that calms his anxiety, we can go to church.”Linda shares his on Ryan with her husband, Charles Michaelis. The two lovers have been married since December 24, 1985. Linda Boone’s mother Shirley passed away from vasculitis at age 84 in January 2019.

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