You Are a Bunch Of Greedy People! – Angry Kumchacha Blasts MPs

Kumchacha blasts Mps

The Members of parliament had in earlier reports demanded an increase in the money they take home as Ex-gratia from Ghc 400,000 to GH₵600,000 and this has angered a lot of Ghanaians including controversial man of God, Prophet Kumchacha.

 Ex-gratia is an agreed sum of money given to a high public servant to show gratitude at the end of their service. In Ghana, MPs receive this every four years after serving.

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Some Ghanaians have expressed their disappointment in the demands of the MPs and describe them as greed as a lot of Ghanaians are going through times and others can’t even afford a three squared meal per day.

Formally the MPs were given about GHS400,000 as ex-gratia and now I heard they want GHS600,000 but I totally disagree with them. The reason why disagree with the MPs is that in this country some public or civil servants diligently serve the government for about 30 to 35 years but go on retirement with some paltry amount.

Kumchacha Said

Prophet Kumchacha made this assertion on Kastle FM in a conversation with Amansan Krakye.

For example, a police officer who has been at post in the hot scorching sun with other issues like fighting armed robbers and they goes home with a small severance package after 30 years of service. When you compare others like soldiers, teachers, doctors and other public officials it’s the same scenario where they serve this country at the peril of their lives but go home as beggars.

So why should someone who only fights to become an MP for only four years go home with such a huge amount of money like GHS400,000 as ex-gratia and even that one they’re calling for an increment. As for this one me Osofo Kumchacha I will never agree with the MPs on this issue of increasing their ex-gratia meaning that they have shortchanged the rest of Ghanaians

Kumchacha said angrily

Its really sad to see the people who are claiming to come and help us rather are taking away from us, No wonder they invest so much money into this.

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