Shari Hays Wells: Where is Kathryn Hays’ daughter now?

Shari Hays Wells

Shari Hays Wells is an American Actress and the daughter of Kathryn Hays. Kathryn, Shari Hays’s mother is an American actress, She is best known for her role as Kim Hughes on the CBS soap opera, As the World Turns from 1972 to 2010. She appeared in Star Trek in the episode “The Empath”, playing a mute alien with healing powers. She went on to appear in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and The Road West.

Shari Hays Wells: Bio Summary

Full name Shari Hays Wells
Famous as The daughter of Kathryn Hays
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Ethnicity White
Profession Actress

Who is Kathryn Hays’s daughter?

Shari Hays Wells is the daughter of famous American actress Kathryn Hays. Shari’s date of birth and exact place of birth are unknown as this information has not been made public. Married at 24, Kathryn Hays became a mother to daughter Shari. The actress has been married three times- Her first marriage was to Wolf Lieshke(m. 1984; div. 1986).

She went on to marry Glenn Ford in 1966 and they called it a quit in 1969 after being together for three years. Shari Hays Wells’s mother tied the knot again with Sidney Steinberg​​ in 1957. Her third marriage also ended in a divorce.

Following in the footsteps of her famous mother, Shari is also in the acting profession. Much is not known about Shari Hays Wells. Most of her life has been kept private and far away from the media.

Shari Hays Wells’ mother passed away on March 25, 2022. The actress was 88 years old. Shari spoke out about her mom’s sad passing. According to family friend Alan Locher, a message from Shari was shared on The Locher Room’s official Facebook page, Soapoperaspy reported.

“People often ask me what it was like to grow up with ‘a famous actress for a mother.’ My usual reply was that I didn’t grow up with a famous actress for a mother. I grew up with my mom for a mother. When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time hanging out on soundstages, backstages, and in control rooms while she worked. We always had my grandparents nearby in case she had to travel for work. But when she came off the set or walked in the door, she was Mom, and acting was the job she left behind.”

Being in the same industry as her famous mother, she understands why viewers loved her mother’s works so much. She added, “… she had a big effect on people over the years. Because I loved her, too, and did my best to be like her. So, thank you for sharing your memories of her, because we will miss her, too.”

According to the Outlet, Shari also added that she was loved unconditionally by her famous mother. Hays was also Shari’s biggest fan but also set boundaries. Shari specially mentioned her mother getting on her case when her grades went down.

Facts about Shari Hays Wells Mother Kathryn Hays

Hays has three marriages. In 1954, she married Wolfgang G Lieschke for the first time. In 1955, the marriage was canceled after a year of being together. Hays married actor Glenn Ford in 1966, but the couple separated in 1969. Kathryn was also married to and divorced from an unnamed guy with whom she had one daughter, Shari Hays Wells, at one point.

Shari Hays Wells Mother co-starred with Barry Sullivan, Andrew Prine, Kelly Corcoran, and Glenn Corbett in the NBC western series The Road West in the 1966–67 television season as Elizabeth Reynolds Pride. She was Sullivan’s wife and Prine’s stepmother in the film (though she was only three years his senior). Chance Reynolds, played by Corbett, was her brother.

She played Gem, a silent alien capable of absorbing the grief and injuries of others and therefore mending them, in the Star Trek episode “The Empath” in 1968.

Kathryn also appeared in a number of comedy and drama series during the 1960s and 1970s, as well as in films such as Ride Beyond Vengeance (1966) and Counterpoint (1970). (1968). She landed the role of Kim Sullivan Hughes on CBS’s As the World Turns in 1972.

She stayed with As the World Turns until September 17, 2010, when the show’s last episode aired. Kim was a major heroine on the program for more than three decades. Hays was featured heavily in the show’s 50th anniversary episode, which aired in April 2006. Prior to her appearance on As the World Turns, Hays was on Guiding Light as Leslie Bauer.

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