How Much Does A Hoverboard Weigh? Find out in kg and lb.

How Much Does A Hoverboard Weigh?

How Much Does A Hoverboard Weigh?

Answer: The average hoverboard weighs around 25 pounds (11.33kg). The lightest models weigh around 20 pounds (9.07kg) while the heavier boards can reach 30+ pounds (13.6078lb+). Heavy hoverboards, like the off-road hoverboard models, have an average weight of around 33 pounds (15kg). On the other hand, kids’ hoverboards are mostly lightweight and have an average weight of about 20 pounds (9.07kg) on average.

Finding the weight of a hoverboard before making a purchase is very important and can’t be downplayed. Well, you do that at your own risk. We all know you won’t always be riding (find out how to ride a hoverboard here) your hoverboard; there will be moments when you need to carry it, whether it’s because the battery is running low (find out how to charge hoverboard safely here) or because you’re transporting it to a ride place.

Carrying something around that is overly heavy is a pain. It won’t be able to handle bigger riders or rough terrain if it’s too light. Let’s look at your choices and what you should think about.

Hoverboards: How Heavy are they? What is the weight of a hoverboard?

As you might be aware, there are different hoverboard models and versions on the global market. All these models and versions come with their special features and abilities. As these boards differ in features and abilities so do they also differ in size and weight.

As said earlier on average, modern hoverboards tend to weigh around 25 lbs, with some weighing as much as 32 lbs and lighter models weighing around 20Ibs.

On average, how much does a hoverboard weigh in kg and pounds? The average hoverboard weighs 11.33 kg and 25 pounds respectively. Off-road or terrain hoverboards tend to weigh more than regular hoverboard models because they usually have bigger wheels and sometimes bigger batteries.

The heavy weight of off-road hoverboards is due to the heavy-duty build so that they can be used on rugged terrain.
Cheaper hoverboards and mid-range balance scooters tend to weigh a bit less as they normally have smaller wheels and are not built as strong as off-road models.

No brand has made a truly light hoverboard. 20 pounds seems to be the lightest option, which for adults is fairly reasonable, but as a hoverboard for kids, it could be quite heavy.

Why check the Weight of a hoverboard?

We have answered the question”How Much Does A Hoverboard Weigh” and now you need to know the importance of checking the weight.

As said earlier a hoverboards weight is a major factor to consider when choosing a hoverboard. This is very important because the weight of the board has an impact on how you ride the board. You’ll require more power to get the board to respond if it’s heavier. As a result, a lighter person may have a harder time handling a heavier board in turns and getting it to top speed.

Knowing the weight is very important, there will be some times where you will have to carry your hoverboard around. For instance, there may be occasions when you suddenly run out of battery power whilst riding your board and you need to carry it home to charge it.

Maybe you plan to take your hoverboard with you on holiday, or whilst camping or travelling and also you may be buying the board for a child, its is necessary for the board to be light enough for them to carry at times
Regardless of the circumstances there will inevitably be times when you will have to carry your hoverboard around.
If you don’t pay attention to how much a hoverboard weighs when you buy it you may end up regretting that decision later or at least your arms will!
If you are buying a hoverboard for kids than it’s even more important to buy a hoverboard that doesn’t weigh a ton, and which is reasonably light enough for kids to carry around for short periods.

Hoverboard Carrying Bag

Yes there are hoverboard bags. Many hoverboard companies also sell bags, but you don’t need to get one from your hoverboard’s brand if you don’t want to. This gives you a chance to be able to carry your hoverboard about easily. Whatever you get, though, you want good quality, because your hoverboard probably wasn’t cheap. Look for features like adjustable straps that let you carry the bag like a backpack or like a duffle, as well as material that’s waterproof and washable.

Hoverboard bags make it easy to transport your board while also keeping it clean and dust-free when not in use.
Hoverboard cases are more durable and have a tougher exterior shell, making them ideal for keeping your hoverboard safe and secure whether traveling, transferring, or storing it.
Most hoverboard backpacks and cases are waterproof, so if you get caught in the rain, you won’t have to worry about your board getting wet.

If you don’t want to spend the money on a hoverboard backpack, a hoverboard strap can be a better solution.

Hoverboard straps are less expensive than hoverboard cases or backpacks, and they’re simple to attach and detach from your board.

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