Ga Traditional Council Storms Pentecost Church During Sunday Service To Seize Instruments

Authorities from the Ga Traditional Council have stormed one of the branches of the Pentecost Church in the Greater Accra Region during church service to seize their instruments.

The church was organizing its normal service on Sunday, May 30, 2021, when the unfortunate happened. The auditorium of the church was full to capacity praising their maker but the scene changed suddenly.

Members of the Anyaa Market Branch of the Church in the Greater Accra Region could not understand why the traditional authorities would interrupt a church service when they had done nothing wrong.

The story was confirmed by Angel FM 6 PM news hosted by Kojo Dickson. According to the report, the Traditional Authorities accused the church of playing their drums beyond the laid down noise level.  

They indicate that making loud noise is currently banned on the Ga land as a form of respect to the gods. The Traditional Authorities halted the church service and seized the drums, speakers, keyboard, and other noise-making instruments used by the church.

The Traditional authorities could be seen arguing with the church elders with no sign of returning the seized items.

They could be noticed carrying the instruments from the premises of the church. The church members and leaders tried to plead for mercy but that did not materialize.

An eyewitness who is also a member of the church told Kojo Dickson that they were having their normal church service when the incident happened.


“We were halfway through the church when the traditional authorities came from nowhere. They started switching off our instruments and parked them outside. They took the keyboard, speakers, and other instruments. So we could not continue the church. Everything ended after the incident. Our elders tried to plead with them but they did not listen”. He told Kojo Dickson in an interview.

The Ga traditional council has placed a ban on noise making. The ban which begun on May 10, 2021, is expected to end on June 10, 2021.

During the one month, residents are expected to avoid making noise. They have also warned that anyone caught making noise will face the council accordingly.

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