Don’t Go Into Debt To Throw A Society Wedding– Reno Omokri To Those Spending Too Much On Their Wedding

Nigerian lawyer, Reno Omokri has sent an advise to those who do big weddings and later find it difficult to live a comfortable life.

According to Reno Omokri,people should not spend all their money on huge weddings.Reno Omokir said that, the wedding industry is huge and you have to provide money for wedding planning, photographer, baker, designer, caterer, DJ, MC, and all other things but then the marriage has to do with you and your partner only.

He revealed that one should not throw big weddings and later go into debt just to impress society.He added that “society will not help you out when you and your wife can’t feed after the wedding.”

He said,
Start your marital life on the right footing by investing in your marriage, not your wedding. Don’t spend all your money on strangers like designer, cake baker, event organiser, caterer, and DJ, only to start looking for rent money for where you and your wife will live. If it is small chops, and finger food you can comfortably afford, then that is what you should budget for. Don’t go into debt to throw a society wedding, because the society will not help you out when you and your wife can’t feed after the wedding.

Well, some people prefer to impress society by spending more than they could afford during their weddings.

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