Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper: Who Is Cyndi Lauper’s Son?

Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper

Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper is the son of American singer, songwriter, actress, and activist Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper best known as Cyndi Lauper. Declyn’s mother Cyndi Lauper has been active in the industry since 1977 and her career has spanned over 40 years. She has sold more than 50 million records worldwide. Declyn’s father is actor David Thornton.

Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper: Bio Summary

NameDeclyn Wallace Thornton Lauper
Famous asson of Cyndi Lauper and David Thornton
Age26 years old as of 2023
Date of birth November 19, 1997
Place of birth New York, New York City, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Relationship status N/A
Parents Cyndi Lauper and David Thornton

How Old Is Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper?

Declyn “Dex” Wallace Thornton Lauper was born on November 19, 1997. As of 2023, Declyn is 26 years old. He is the only child of Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper (Cyndi Lauper) and David Farrington Thornton. His mother is a singer, songwriter, actress, and activist and his father is an actor. His parents are still married.

Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper’s maternal grandparents are Fred Lauper and Catrine (née Gallo). His paternal grandfather Robert Donald Thornton (1917–2006), was an international authority on the Scottish poet Robert Burns. Robert taught English at Harvard University and other institutions. Declyn’s paternal grandmother is Grace Ellen (née Baker).

Declyn’s educational background and qualifications are unknown. He voiced Little League Player #1 in an episode of the animated series, Bob’s Burgers. Declyn appeared in Cyndi Lauper: Still So Unusual, which focused on how his mother has balanced her work and family life. He was reportedly involved in a romantic relationship with reality TV star Brittney Taylor.

Declyn Thornton Lauper Is A Musician

Cyndi Lauper’s son Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper is a musician. He is doing well for himself in the music industry. He has chosen to follow in his mother’s footsteps. He has released several songs under the name Dex Lauper and has collaborated with artists including G-Eazy. He announced an upcoming album featuring fellow rappers G-Eazy and Trippie Redd.

Declyn appeared in the music video, G-Eazy Feat. Dex Lauper: K I D S. He revealed he has about 3 or 4 songs with his famous mother Cyndi Lauper. “I’ve got three or four records with my mom,” he said. Declyn often shares updates regarding his music with his fans and followers. In June 2023, he disclosed that he was “releasing new music soon.”

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Declyn’s Relationship With His Mother

Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper and his mother Cyndi Lauper are close to each other. The mother and son are often seen together at public events. However, they used to have a rocky relationship. Declyn once said: “If you know me personally, I grew up in Harlem bro. Me and my mom were split up when I was a kid.”

“But we reconnected through music, which was kind of beautiful,” he added. Speaking of the effects of her stardom on her son, the “Time After Time” singer Cyndi Lauper told the Guardian: “He was two when he first realised I was famous. It’s hard for him. People look at him, and he feels the pressure of being my son.” Cyndi Lauper added:

“Someone came up to me in the street and kept talking and talking. Declyn said afterwards, ‘Who are you?’ And I said, ‘I’m a mommy.’ And he said, ‘No, you’re not – you’re Cyndi Lauper!’” However, Declyn is very protective of his mother. He shared a photo of himself and his mother on his Instagram Story and wrote:

“Say what you want about me but keep my mother’s name out of your mouth. I couldn’t have asked god for a better mother.” Declyn also shares a great bond with his father David Thornton. His father has been a very supportive husband and father. His parents Cyndi Lauper and David Thornton are still enjoying a blissful married life.

The couple got married after they met on the set of the film Off and Running. They have been married since November 24, 1991. Cyndi told Vanity Fair: “I got married on November 24, 1991, and yes, it was pretty hard. But my husband, [actor David Thornton], became the strong arm of the family.”

“He was very much there. He’s so wildly talented; he understands stories so well. I’m going to do some music for something he’s working on. But I had a nanny.” At the time, Cyndi Lauper said of her son Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper: “My son (Declyn, now 25) went to good schools, but I missed out on a few things when I was on the road.”

“People said I was so career-driven, but once the kid came, I looked at how I can support everything: make a record, tour—and my husband would say, “Go to Europe, I’ve got him.” I took my son on tour sometimes, but he needed his own space. And he makes music now. It’s more underground. He’s on SoundCloud and he’s a terrific artist.”

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Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper Was Once Arrested

Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper got arrested in 2022 after the police reportedly found him in the driver’s seat of an illegally double-parked vehicle. He was found inside a stolen vehicle 2014 Mercedes Benz C350, according to PEOPLE. TMZ has it that, the vehicle had been reported stolen 2 years ago. The plates were registered to a different vehicle.

Declyn was taken into custody and charged with felony unauthorized use of a vehicle. He is said to have been released with a desk appearance ticket to return to court. He appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court and pleaded guilty. “He was ordered to complete five days of private community service and stay out of trouble for one year,” per the New York Post.

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