Damian Seth Azariah Echols – Bio, Age, net worth, Wiki, Facts About Him

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Damian Seth Azariah Echols is the son of Damien Echols, an American writer, and film producer. Damian Seth Azariah’s father is best known as a member of the West Memphis Three, a group of teenagers controversially accused of a triple murder. Let’s talk about him.

Profile Summary

  • Famous As: son of Damien Echols
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Nationality: American
  • Echols’s Father -Damien Echols
  • Echols’s mother– Domini Teer

Damian Seth Azariah Echols now is popular for being the son of Damien and his Ex-girlfriend Domini Teer. Domini was pregnant before her boyfriend Damien was arrested, their son was born approximately before the trial. Damian Seth Azariah Echols’s mother Domini later explained that the son’s name was spelled differently from the father’s because the name Damien is based on a biblical character. The exact Damien is unknown but he is believed to be in his mid-twenties.

Damian’s father is now married to Lorri Davis. The two meet in 1996 after Lorris saw his documentary on TV and decided to write to him in prison. They began a romantic relationship and the two later got married in December 1999. They wrote to each other over 5,000 letters. Damian Seth Azariah Echols’s dad was released from prison after evidence supported his innocence in 2011.

Damian Seth Azariah Echols
Damian Seth Azariah Echols’s Father

Upon Damian Seth Azariah Echols’s Father’s release from prison in 2011 under an Alford plea, he authored several autobiographies and spiritual books. He has been featured in multiple books, documentaries, and podcasts about his spiritual works and the West Memphis Three case.

Damian Seth Azariah Echols Net Worth

His net worth is hard to find information. But his mother Lorris Davis is worth has an estimated net worth of about $700,000 and his father also has an estimated net worth of about $500000.

Images and more information related to Damien Echol’s son are hard to find as the couples try their very best to keep all of the information about their boy away from the media. Our team is also on the ground doing their best to gather more information about Damian Seth Azariah Echols for our cherries readers.

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