Bobby Vinton’s Kids-  Robbie Vinton, Rebecca Vinton, Kristin Vinton, Christopher Vinton, Jennifer Vinton

Bobby Vinton's Kids

Bobby Vinton is an American pop music singer of Polish origins. He has a reputation for forming his first band, which played clubs around the Pittsburgh area when he was 16 years old. As a teen idol, he became known as “The Polish Prince”, as his music paid tribute to his Polish heritage. Vinton found his first hit single with the song titled “Roses Are Red (My Love).” It spent four weeks at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Bobby Vinton’s most famous song is 1963’s “Blue Velvet” which also went to No.1. 23 years later, David Lynch named his movie Blue Velvet after the song. In the 1970s, the celebrated singer continued to hit the Top 40, notably with “Ev’ry Day of My Life” and “Sealed With a Kiss” in 1972.

Aside from music, the legendary singer also had a thing for acting which encouraged him to appear in seven acting roles during his singing career. He started out his acting career with the beach party movie Surf Party in 1964. He went on to play George Reynolds in the episode “Patty and the Newspaper Game” of ABC’s sitcom The Patty Duke Show.

Vinton’s last role as a character was as Bobby Gaines in the 1983 episode “Chance of a Lifetime” of the NBC family drama television series Boone, starring Tom Byrd, while his last scripted role as himself was in 1997, appearing in part one of the three-part series finale of Coach.

Who are Bobby Vinton’s children?

Bobby Vinton and his wife Dolores “Dolly” Vintula tied the knot on December 17 1962 in a beautiful wedding ceremony and have been together since with no rumors of break up or divorce. According to Hitberry, the couple’s marriage was a secret for years. According to Hitberry, the record companies thought that Bobby’s songs would sell better if he was single. This is why even today; Vinton does not wear his wedding ring.

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Bobby Vinton and his wife’s marriage has been blessed with five children- three daughters and two sons– Robbie Vinton, Rebecca Vinton, Kristin Vinton, Christopher Vinton, and Jennifer Vinton.

Robbie Vinton is an actor

Robbie Vinton is the most popular of Bobby Vinton’s children. Robbie who was born Robert Stanley Vinton was born on August 19, 1964, in the United States of America. He is 59 years old as of 2023. Robbie is the first child of Bobby and his wife. Robbie chose to follow in the footsteps of his father into the entertainment industry.

Robbie is an actor. According to his IMDb, he is an actor, known for Goodfellas (1990), Chillerama (2011), and I Was a Teenage Werebear (2011). Bobby played his famous father in the film Goodfellas (1990). Some well-known actors, such as Henny Youngman and Jerry Vale, play themselves in the film.

However, the director couldn’t try that with crooner Bobby Vinton, who was too old at the time of filming to play a younger version of himself. When Goodfellas was made, Bobby was 55 years old and wasn’t best suited to play himself. The director, fortunately, had another option: he saw the iconic singer’s young son who was a carbon copy of his father, and didn’t hesitate to take that risk. Vinton is played in the film by Robbie Vinton, Bobby’s son, and it was an excellent choice.

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Jennifer [Hannah] Vinton

Jennifer Vinton is also a singer like her father. Jennifer Vinton later changed her name to Hannah when she got married. Bobby Vinton and her daughter Jennifer performed in the Savannah Center in 2014 Villagenews reported.

According to the outlet, the veteran singer had plenty of help on stage with a nine-piece band, led by his son Robbie Vinton, who played guitar. Hannah on the other hand provided harmony, sang some country numbers, and teamed on duets with her father. The highlight as reported by Villagenews came when Vinton and his daughter Hannah Vinton combined on a powerful and moving medley from “Phantom of the Opera.”

image- Villagenews

Rebecca Vinton, Kristin Vinton and Christopher Vinton

Vinton has been very private throughout his career, especially with his family- his wife and children. Bobby Vinton’s children Rebecca Vinton, Kristin Vinton, Christopher Vinton, and Jennifer Vinton are all very private just like their father. One thing that is known about Bobby and his children is that the singer dearly loves his children.

Vinton Sings Vinton is a nine-track collection of songs recorded, all written or co-written by the singer. It was released in late 1970. It contains five previously recorded songs and four new songs. The song “Kristie” was written for Vinton’s daughter Kristin (his second child). “Beat of my heart”, “Kristie” and “Where is Love ” are first appeared in stereo.

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